Friday, June 15, 2018

It's been great!

Dear Wednesday Whining Community --  

 WW has been a treasured community to me! I am very grateful, and I'd like that friendship and camaraderie to continue. We have been at this site for almost 11 years, can you believe it?  And some years before that, at Phantom's place. 

After discussion among moderators, we have reached consensus that it's time to start a new iteration of the group, and therefore we are starting a closed (secret) group on Facebook -- with a format more along the lines of no weekly host, anybody can W/AW when they are moved; and members can respond to individual topics, rather than having a running thread about the everything.  It will be called Whines; Anti-Whines; Whatever Works. 

Among the reasons are these.  It has become burdensome to continue the weekly format, with hosts every week.  While this website is not searchable via google, if anybody knows the website address, it is also not entirely private -- and, some of us have held back on posting for that reason.  This site is also not very accessible via mobile devices, and members have mentioned they cannot access it via work computers -- so, it is not convenient to use (unlike FB, which is reportedly easy to use via phone). 

A "secret" facebook page is not searchable, indexed, or viewable by anyone but a member of that group.  Members are invited, and must be approved by an admin or moderator. It is NOT public. Stuff there cannot be “shared” on other FB pages.  That is what we're opting to do. 

Moderators are in FB or other contact with a good many members, current and past.  If you know of someone who has been part of this group, they can be suggested for membership in the new group.  If members are interested but not contacted in the next few days about the new site, please contact a moderator!

It's been an excellent ride.  We're holding everybody in our hearts, and are grateful for the friendships.  xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Tried to send a comment earlier, but not sure if they are being accepted....

I am heartbroken about this!
I am not on Facebook, and don't want to be -- at least under my real name.
Does anyone know if there is a way to still do psudonyms on Facebook?

(not so you all don't know who I am, but so I am not searchable on Facebook by my students etc.)

I don't want to lose you all!!! Even though I haven't met you in person, I feel like we've really become friends over the last 11 years, and hate the thought of that just ending....

Would like to try and figure out a way to do this.

Love you all!!
--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Hi, NL!

First, yes, pseudonyms work at FB; and people use them for exactly that reason -- not wanting to be searchable. (My FB name is not my legal name, for example.) Also, be careful about your privacy settings there; you probably don't want "let the entire universe see my posts."

The next problem is, somebody who is already a member of the new group needs to sign you up to join the group. Our fabulous Liz has volunteered her book of visages address; so, you can contact her after joining. There are private messages available at FB, so you can send her a non-public message. Her page is:


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!
I will try to make this work.

kathy a. said...

Great, NL!

If another old friend wanders by, you are welcome!


Liz said...

If you're trying to reach me on FB, send a friend request first. Messenger hides folks who are sending messages if they're not my friends.