Monday, February 16, 2015

Greetings from my hibernation bunker

It's so very cold here that other making soup, I'm not leaving my warn cocoon on the sofa. Then I feel guilty because I have a lot of priviledges that allow me to do so.

Mostly I'm pretty satisfied with things since I had a day off and several big whines saw some resolution in the last two weeks. I inherited a feed of an albatross at work but I like the people helping resove it so even that is only mildly whiny.

What's new with all of you?


esperanza said...

W: Sweet shared her strep throat with me.

Bonus mama guilt: I was totally impatient with her drama about how much the shot hurt last week. She was right. It hurts almost as bad as my throat.

liz said...

(((Esperanza))) I hate mama guilt.

W: Snow, big buckets of snow. Enough for our schools to have declared a snow day after a holiday (so MM has a 4-day weekend so far), but not as much as others have gotten.

AW: Beef broth is bubbling on the stove. Turkey thighs have been cooked for sandwich meat if MM ever goes back to school, and the bones have been added to the broth.

AW: We may make chocolate chip cookies this afternoon.

So on due reflection, I will make an edit:

AW: Snow, big buckets of snow. Enough for our schools to have declared a snow day after a holiday (so MM has a 4-day weekend so far), but not as much as others have gotten.

esperanza said...

It sounds very cozy, Liz.

And another W. The shot was supposed to make me feel better in 24-36 hours. We just entered hour 25, and I feel the same. Wah.

AND. Remember my AW from a few weeks back that we were getting curbside recycling. Not at our house, we're not. Ours is a commercial account, because the church owns the house and pays the utility bill (where garbage collection is billed from). And commercial accounts don't get recycling bins. There are a couple of possible remedies, but they involve $$, so the church will have to decide. Yes, this is a first world whine.

liz said...

Esperanza, the recycling thing is messed up. And I'm sorry you're still feeling sick.

Sue said...

((((Esperanza)))) I hope you feel better soon. Really soon.

Sorry for the snowpocalypse that seems to be happening everywhere. Simmering pots of soup do sound good though.

W: sending off our son yesterday was tougher than I thought it would be. Tears.

AW: he's fine - checked in today to say he is already settling in at his friend's place where he will be for a few weeks before his apt is ready.

KLee said...

Got news Sunday that my best friend's daughter is pregnant. This girl is the same age as Offspring. 19. She's in the early early stages of a nursing career, which I feel sure she will not finish any time soon with a baby to take care of. Her boyfriend is kind of a jerk, but they want to keep the baby. No plans yet on moving in together, or getting married, but I think her parents would rather her NOT marry him at this point.

Her mother is beyond devastated. She wanted so much more for her. From talking to Offspring, she is under the impression that the girl and the boyfriend PLANNED to get pregnant, though that is NOT what she told her parents. At this point, I am not going to stir the pot by letting her parents know this.

I have talked with Offspring about this situation, and she seems to have her head screwed on straight about not making a mistake like this. Thank God. I can't even imagine how utterly gobsmacked I would be if it were her.

Most of the last few days has been taken up with all of this. Other news to note -- Offspring is currently snowed in at school. They got between 8 and 14 inches of snow. Thursday night,it is supposed to go down to -15 in her area.

Also, I am sick. Again. Doc refuses to call in a refill of the antibiotics, but I have no sick time to take off for the doctor. Looks like I will be shopping for the strongest OTC meds I can find after school tomorrow.

My doctor says I need a mammogram, and after playing phone tag with them for 2 and 1/2 weeks, they finally scheduled it. For the same day as my show opens. At least it's a morning appointment.

I would make a snide joke, but I just don't have the energy.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

(((Sue))) and (((esperanza))) get hugs for all the complicated Mama feelings. (And I'm so sorry that you're still not yet improving after the SHOT, esperanza!)

That's obnoxious that your home is considered a corporate account, for recycling purposes, esperanza! (And so strange! Our church gets a regular garbage can and recycling bin from the city. Are all churches treated as corporations for these sorts of municipal things there? Do you have to get private garbage pickup, or a big bin, or something?)

Today, I will not complain about the fact the we didn't get any kind of snow day in return for the massive snowfall we had, because Mr. Q is on vacation! Yesterday was a provincial holiday, which kicked off a week break from school.

W: I'm trying not to covet my neighbours' vacations, but EVERYONE else went on vacation to places where there's no snow! Like, EVERYBODY! I feel like the city's deserted and has relocated to Hawaii and the West Coast! (Okay, the upstairs neighbours went to the UK, and so at least they're somewhere where they have to wear scarves, but still! No snow!) Meanwhile, we had a blizzard on Saturday, and it keeps being too cold outside for E to have her skin exposed to the air for more than a couple of minutes.

AW: we're having a really nice and low-key holiday, and are getting a LOT of organizing done in the house. We chose to stay home this week, and I'm glad. (Okay, the only plan we had for travel was to go further north - - we really can't afford Hawaiian vacations - - but I put my foot down and said we aren't travelling north until Easter.)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh man, KLee, I know a young woman in the same situation as your friend's kid, and yeah. I understand. ESPECIALLY when it's with a guy that you know isn't great. It's so hard watching someone young choose a hard path.

esperanza said...

QWP, the church itself has a dumpster (not sure if that is universal language or not--a super big, rectangular, metal bin of sorts). It makes no sense, and it took 4 phone calls just to get that answer, and the person was rude and wouldn't let me finish my sentences. So I'm going to stalk the neighbors and figure out who isn't using theirs and ask to use it. But don't tell the city :)

W: Hour 34. Marginally better, as long as I'm sitting on the couch.

kathy a. said...

The nearby churches here have their own recycle bins -- often several -- and green bins for compostable material. (Of course, we live near Berkeley, and our city is very green.) What if your church wanted to do recycling?

Esperanza, hope that stupid shot kicked in.

Liz, I'll take some of that soup. And hope the snow slows down soon.

((( Sue ))) Don't worry, he'll come back! And there's skype and whathaveyou.

Wow, KLee. Glad her parents are standing by, but you're right about this being an extra challenge for someone so young. At least she has a lot of people who love and support her. xoxo

QWP, yay, holiday with Daddy! That mitigates the snow and no travel, a lot.

Sue said...

QWP - I hear you re: Everyone Else's Vacation. ARgh.

((KLee)) Sorry about your friend and her daughter's situation. It's so good that you and Offspring can talk about it. I hope you feel better asap!!

You too esperanza. xoxo

kathy a. said...

KLee, also think it is a good call to not share what your daughter said with the girl's mom. Her daughter may tell her sometime. But nobody needs something to argue about right now. xoxo

Esperanza, I bet a neighbor or 2 would be willing to share extra can space, under the circumstances. Bribes can't hurt. ;)

SIL went back to her care home over the weekend, and they have arranged a visiting home health nurse. A *psychiatric* nurse, because they need help with those symptoms; not so much with PT. She seems nice; sent her loads of info on SIL's kind of dementia, and resources, and the Big Teaching Hospital's neurologist.

Nobody has ever heard of SIL's kind of dementia. We keep teaching all these new doctors and caregivers.

Also been dealing with the Albatross Overlords. Slept a million hours last night, which made a dent in the Feeling of Doom. ;)

kathy a. said...

AW: The night before last was a MIRACLE -- Spot was sleeping at my feet, and the extremely shy and scared Polly jumped up next to him! (Nobody is allowed to pet Polly; she never really got over the feral kitten state of mind.) I think this is a never-too-late-for-progress report, since Polly and Spot came to us as kittens something like 8 years ago. ;)

Sue said...

kathy, I wish you didn't have to keep teaching docs about SIL's condition, but I'm glad that you are able to do so. They may go and learn even more about it and help another patient/family with a diagnosis. With all that's on your plate, I wish you didn't have to do the inservice training.

Yay cuddly kittens and good sleeps!

Ok, so tommorrow is the beginning of the Big Deal Chunky Meeting. By Sunday afternoon I will be one tired puppy and will require many hours of solitude to recover from being with All Those People all weekend. Wish me luck!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Good luck at the chunky meeting, Sue! I hope it goes well, and you get the space and time to recover that you need.

Old Skool W: the company that makes the only hair wax-ish product I can use (absolutely no perfume, but also no lavender) has gone out of business. It's getting difficult to get my hands on any of the hair stuff.

AW (with fingers crossed): even though it's now terribly expensive now in Canada, there's a bunch of it for cheap at the US @maz0n, and they'll ship it to Canada. Now I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to pay an exorbitant amount of duty. I ordered three jars, and if it goes well, I'm ordering more.

W: so many companies make products like this, that are all "all natural! Paraben free! No phthalates! No petroleum! Perfect for babies!" but they contain perfume. (Which means I also couldn't have used these products on my baby!) I finally found a perfume-free potential alternative today, but I read through the label, and it contains fireplacing lavender. Always lavender! So, I won't get sinusitis as the result of using it, but I will have trouble breathing! Excellent.

esperanza said...

QWP I'm not allergic to lavender, but I detest the smell. I believe it's supposed to be relaxing? Blech.

Sue, you have a fellow introverted chunky person's sympathy. I hope things go smoothly, at least.

My throat feels somewhat better. I am still very tired, though. Bah. Last week I was stuck at home because Sweet was sick, and now i don't feel like going anywhere. Bah.

Miranda said...

I've had to exit the hibernation bunker in order to take Daughter to the ER after three vehicle related incidents in 24 hours. All three were not the fault of the driver and she was a passenger each time. The first involved the truck in front of my car reversing himself into our car at a stop sign. The second involved black ice and a snowbank. The third involved a postal carrier.

We are waiting for x-rays.

kathy a. said...

MIRANDA! So sorry, hope daughter is OK. xoxoxo

kathy a. said...

Also, it really sucks to be driving around in these conditions, even if it is to the ER -- after 3 accidents!

Miranda said...

Daughter is in a much better state of mind than we had been experiencing.

AW: I got out of attending a chunky meeting after the Ash Wednesday service. And I'm with Daughter. <3

KLee, a girl I know will be a mom at barely 17. Her mom is trying to make sense of it since the kid was pretty quiet and not at all rebellious.

Hope everyone is staying warm! The windchills are supposed to be -30 F overnight. School was cancelled. And I have lots of meetings tomorrow. This will be interesting. May the faster broadband at home lengthen the duration of their web browsing. ;)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Miranda! I hope your daughter is okay, and it sounds like it's time for everyone to stay off the road for a while! (It's going to be colder there than here tonight, which is really saying something.)

Sue said...

Oh my goodness, Miranda! I'm glad your daughter is doing well, but wow, that's a lot to cope with in 24 hrs.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better esperanza, but sorry about the cabin fever. Bleh.

QWP, I hope the duty isn't too much on your order. Sometimes if the price is right on the product itself, it's worth it - hope this is one of those times.

Anonymous said...

((MIranda))) Hope daughter is ok!
((esperanza)) feel better soon!
Sue, good luck with the chunky meeting.
kathya. good news about the facility, and good luck with the albatross

I am currently on Feb break, a definite anti whine, and just finished a book (for fun!!). But now, I have to start thinking about lesson plans and grading and all, because I have to get things done before Monday. But I don't wanna!! Wah!

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Miranda, things OK?

Sue, good luck with your chunky business.

Esperanza, hope you feel better today.

QWP -- glad you could find the thing you need! Hate it when my old reliables stop being produced.

NL, may the grading go swiftly and you get some more fun in on your "break"!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

W: no nap today, and while she was not napping in her room, she filled her diaper and did some smearing. She had a shower, all her bedding is in the laundry, and even with washing, there is STILL a faint manure odour in her hair.

esperanza said...

oh noooooo! That is not good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, QWP! Those kind of days are SO hard on the old patience level. Sounds like you handled it beautifully, though.

w: ice dams. water trickling in. spent 3+ hours outside on a ladder .(there are around 70 inches of snow on the ground, btw) using a hoe on the ice on the roof, and a hammer (the claw end) trying to create channels. Good for getting frustration out, but I am already sore, and I just came in half an hour ago. Man am I gonna hurt tomorrow.

--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

And, of course, got no school stuff done since right when I was about to start I noticed the trickles. freaked out. called husband, and the rest was a team effort all afternoon in freezing weather. brr.

also, I have a whitehead just below my lip.


esperanza said...

70 INCHES?!? Holy cow. I don't even know what an ice dam is, but it sounds bad if it involves that much outdoor manual labor in freezing weather.

W: pretty sure I have Mini's head cold on top of the almost-better strep throat. We will be having remedial "cover your cough" lessons around here.

kathy a. said...

What Esperanza said about that much snow, nevermind "ice dams." I'm calling the zit a war wound.

liz said...

I have a zit on my chin, too. What is it with the zits?

AW: I had a really great campaigning day, and we hired a campaign manager.

W/AW my husband's mother's husband died yesterday. He was in a memory unit in Texas (near his daughter) because my MIL was too frail to handle him and he'd begun to wander. Age 96. Sweet man, though.

W: Muffin Man has spent a total of 5 hours in school this week because of weather closures. Tomorrow they're closed for wind chill.

AW: A friend of his will be spending the day tomorrow, because his parents both work outside the home.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hugs for Liz. 96 is a really impressive age, but it's sad that you've lost a sweet family member.

NL wins for ice dams, and snow as tall as I am. Oh boy, am I happy to be spending this winter in the basement suite of a new build (as opposed to two winters ago, when we were renting an older house that lost a lot of heat through the roof), because ice dams are the worst. (Oh and NL, I mentioned this to Phantom on Twitter, but I should mention it to you as well: if at all possible, dig a trench in the snow around your house. Making sure that snow isn't piled around your house REALLY helps to prevent basement flooding. You may already know this, but we learned it two years ago, when we had record snowfall here.)

W: we're taking care of the house while the landlords are on vacation, and I forgot how much work that involves! I forgot to roll out our recycling bin yesterday, and the next collection day is in two weeks. I just spent an hour sorting out all the bulky plastic (which we'll put in my in-laws' bin tomorrow), as well as the bottles and cans (which we'll take back for money), and standard-sized food containers with lids (which the local outreach is collecting, for their food program). That should help us from overfilling the bin over the next two weeks. But I still feel guilty, because the landlords asked me to remember only ONE THING, and I forgot to do it! (Mr. Q would also like to whine that he took over shovelling just in time for a blizzard, and then it has snowed every day since. But we don't have 70 inches of snow, so at least we have that going for us.)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

The real whine above is that I spent part of my evening rummaging through old recyclables that have been sitting outside, on a day that already involved smeared poo. Maybe a third shower is in order tonight.

Anonymous said...

QWP-- thanks for the tip about the trench.
:) NL

Miranda said...

Daughter has a sprained back. She's in a lot of pain. :(

My albatross needs focused time and access to a good scanner. But between the cold and Daughter's pain, I will do what I can at home.

Anonymous said...

(((Miranda's daughter)))) ouch! Hoping for relief and quick healing--NL

kathy a. said...

Ouch! Second the call for quick healing.

Some telemarketer called at 6:45 a.m. I picked up the phone so I could yell, but nobody was there.

esperanza said...

That is wrong, kathy a, just wrong.

Miranda, hoping a sprained back heals quickly and that your albatross can get taken apart piece by piece.

W: why can't head colds be gone in 24 hours? Fuzzy headed here.

liz said...

W: Had to cancel my dad and stepmom coming to have a weekend with MM. Because of disgusting weather in the forecast. Rescheduled for next month.

W: Also had to reschedule a consultant who was coming by tomorrow.

AW: She was by yesterday to do a first consult and it was awesome. I feel like I'm a contestant on What Not To Wear, only I hired her.

esperanza said...

Fun consultant, Liz! Share any tips you get (that might apply to the rest of us, I mean).

AW: pediatrician has Saturday hours tomorrow (only does this every so often). Both Baboos are going for a thorough look-over. I'm sick of sick.

KLee said...

As some of you may have seen on the book of faces, I have had such pressure fron clogged sinuses (would the plural be "sinuii"?) that I've given myself a black eye by pressing on it to relieve the pain.

Now, not only does it hurt from pressure, it also hurts from bruising.

My cough is getting worse. I am sick of being sick. I have had between four and seven kids out all week sick. But, I have one brilliant parent who sent her kid to school, knowing he had a fever, so I took him to the school nurse, and sure enough -- temp of 102.7. Just as we're leaving for the nurses's office, Mom calls to say, "Oh, yeah.... By the way, when he gets a high fever, he has seizures.". Nice. WHY WOULD YOU SEND HIM TO SCHOOL?! If you KNOW he's sick, why would you not keep him at home? No wonder I'm freaking sick and can't get better!

Liz said...

((((Miranda and daughter))))

esperanza said...

KLee, I'm not calling it kindergarten anymore; instead, it is "the germ cesspool," or sometimes "the petri dish." Seriously. They are just disgusting, and that mom is wrong all over the place.

Miranda said...

Keep whining! Although awards are looking increasingly unlikely as I deal with normal stuff plus a party tomorrow (it's worth the anguish of cleaning with the usual entropy vectors afoot and their complaining of which the magnitude is only exceeded by their lack of participation) that I am really excited to host. I love hosting parties. I also like when everyone leaves but you know how that goes. :)

Hope the weather is warming and illnesses abating. Xoxoxoxo

liz said...

Miranda, according to my mother my great-grandmother, Bubbe Yetta, used to say (with a strong yiddish accent), "Glad to see you! Glad to see you go."

kathy a. said...

KLee, hope you are feeling better. Cluesticks for that mom; kudos to the nurse, who probably delivered that message.

Passing the curatives and lots of hand sanitizer to those currently affiliated with the local petri dish -- which phrase, by the way, is award worthy!

Liz, you are a stronger woman than I. May some pieces of teh current wardrobe be left standing. ;)

Happy Party, Miranda! "Entropy vectors" -- love it!

esperanza said...

Visit to the pediatrician this morning yielded the following diagnoses and treatments. (Maybe if I write them down here I can keep them straight).

* sprained ankle (OK. This is weird. She complained Wed night and Thurs that her foot hurt. Absolutely nothing on the outside. Friday night, gigantic bruise at outside ankle bone. Doesn't hurt anymore. She's running). No treatment needed.
* allergies. Nasal steroid spray. Antihistamine.
* allergy induce wheezing/coughing: albuterol and steroid in the nebulizer

* allergy-induced wheezing/coughing, worse than Mini's. Continue albuterol and steroid. Add another medication in the nebulizer. Continue oral asthma med. Add antihistamine.

AW: a friend has a nebulizer they aren't using, and we can borrow it for simultaneous nebulizer-ing.