Friday, February 13, 2015

Awards! You're All My Galentines (and Guylentine?)!

While tomorrow may be the more famous holiday, I'm awfully fond of February 13th, dubbed by Leslie Knope as "Galentine's Day." It's an excellent day for celebrating  food and friendship. Now, we aren't all gals here, and we aren't able to share breakfast with one another, but I celebrate all of you today, and this little community of People from the Internet, who drop in to share their tales of woe. 

Three Cheers for KLee's daughter, who won an endowment scholarship this week! (And we're glad your hip is starting to feel better KLee. Let your doctor know about that, hey?)

I declare a Much-Needed Break for Kathy a.,  who was dealing with drama on both the SIL and work albatross fronts. A hearty cluesticking to the nursing home, which went from wooing to kicking out SIL in a record-breaking twenty-four hours. 

A Medal of Bravery for esperanza's Sweet, who braved strep, a SHOT, and an ear infection, all in one week. (And a big medal for Sweet's mama, who had a sick and miserable child at home for several days.) 

A Snow Day for Sue (or even better: how about some warm days?). 

New Running Shoes for Andy, who is all healed up and able to run again! (And hey universe: thanks for the confidence boost of female attention for Andy. Now, how about some attention from someone more appropriate?) 

A Giant Bucket of Antiseptic, followed by high-quality hand cream, for Neighbour Lady. Schools are disgusting.  

And many, many hugs for Liz. What a week you've had, beginning with a memorial for a friend, and ending with a cousin heading in for surgery. Fireplace cancer. 

I share my big pile of egg carton crafts with all of you, and thanks for bearing with your rookie host this week! 


kathy a. said...

Beautiful ceremony, QWP! Passing the craft supplies, and some Mama time. xoxo

esperanza said...

Excellent job! You're already a pro!

Liz said...

Yay QWP!!!

Sue said...

Great awards QWP!!! Thanks!