Saturday, January 24, 2015

Do It Yourself Awards!

Passing the refreshments!   Chocolate, of course; mac/cheese; green thai curry; and a little bit of heart's desire.

Your humble host is deep in albatross panic at the moment, so if you are so moved, please suggest more detailed awards in the comments, and we'll get right on that!

Meanwhile, hugs and rest to the afflicted.  Kudos to the brave, funny, strong, generous, and kind.   Cluesticks to the jerks and bullies.  May we all be spared horrible meetings, any sort of medical emergencies, and the soul-pecking of annoying things we cannot control.  And may we all have people who step up in time of need (but not, like, in a way that gets you pulled over by the police). 


Sue said...

Yay for chocolate!!

Sorry about the albatross panic kathy - hope it eases up. Chocolate will help.

kathy a. said...

I'm severely in the albatross soup for the next few weeks, unfortunately. If you see me, you aren't really seeing me -- that will be a brief water cooler / sanity break.

KLee said...

Sorry to hear that everyone is mid-albatross. Things here are not quite so panicky. Not good, but there's little panic involved.

I had my interview last Thursday. I thought I did well, and had high hopes. The interviewer said they'd email me on Friday and let me know if I got a second round interview.i thought, "I have this in the bag!"

All day,I obsessively check my email on my phone, knowing I won't see an email because the wi-fi in my classroom does not work well. I get home, and BOOM! 35 emails, including one from the interviewer saying "thanks, but we went in a different direction.". Didn't even get a second interview.

Trying very hard not to be despondent about it. What makes it worse is that THEY ASKED ME to apply for this job,and I didn't even get to Interview Two.

They did say that I would be an asset to the team with my work ethic and positive,upbeat attitude, but that they thought I would be better suited to Job X, rather than the Job Y that I had applied for. Their plans are to open more positions later this year, with Job X slots, so "further opportunities will be forthcoming."

It still sucks. I was already spending that money in my head. Plus,I hate rejection.

All the people that I've talked to are baffled by this decision. I'm curious as to who they DID choose.

So, I'm trying not to let it drag me down. It helped that I had rehearsal that same night -- got me laughing and not dwelling.

Miranda said...

Hugs. KLee. I had a similar thing happen this fall. It is the worst. :(

kathy a. said...

I'm sorry, KLee. But it sounds promising that they want you for a different job. xoxo

esperanza said...

Oh, bummer, KLee. I hope something promising arises soon.

kathy a. said...

The fireplacing dog ate and licked clean both cat bowls this morning. And then she ate the majority of the refilled bowls (2) this afternoon. I am going ballistic on daddy's "let the dog roam free in the house" policy. It is not pretty. And also, I have to buy more cat food. And also, there are VERY strong feline opinions about this. To conclude, harrumph.

Liz said...