Friday, January 30, 2015

Awards! Caffeine for Everybody Edition!

The theme for this week seemed to be lack of sleep with bonus racing heart awakenings. Sending love and a visit from the sandman for you all. Does anyone remember a children's book about a magic cap that had hands to go over the ears to keep bad dreams from getting in your head? Just me? Nevermind then.

Hugs to KLee, who should have gotten that job. Cluestick posse going out to the people who asked you to apply and then changed their minds about what they were hiring for. I hope a future opportunity opens up soon. And everyone agrees you need to see an accountant re: scholarship stuff.

Hugs also to Esperanza who has the themed whine and who survived a weekend with three funerals and visiting family. As Sue said, "...just no".

Hugs also to Jenevieve who has the themed whine plus bonus illness plus no paid sick leave. That's just gotta change.

And also to QWP who is dealing with the themed whine plus bonus epic toddler meltdowns.

Sue ALSO has the themed whine and wins mullet this week for two items:

  • "Apparently the theme was 'Eeyore Does Church' because we're all dying."  and
  • "I am so over being told that my full church and healthy Sunday School is in hospice care. It's not. "

And Kathy is also suffering from the themed whine, bonus unbloggable stuff, SIL stuff, and an albatross.

NL's world is LITERALLY falling apart: house, car, you name it. Sending the fix-it fairies, STAT.

And last, but not least, Miranda gets the style award for the word picture "judge mental". Everyone is sending love to you, hon. You can join my family anytime. We're mental, but we won't judge you.

I hope I didn't miss anyone!

Tune in next week when our host will be KLee!!


kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, Liz!

esperanza said...

Mullet for Liz for "We're mental, but we won't judge you." Ha! And may your tribe increase!

Sue said...

Great awards Liz!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Fabulous awards, Liz! And it sure is strange that the majority of us had such trouble sleeping this week.

Liz said...

Something in the bloggy water, perhaps?

kathy a. said...

Last night, I slept through until almost 5 a.m. It's like a miracle!

esperanza said...

I went to sleep at 8:30, woke briefly at 11:00 when Mr E got home from work (don't even ask), thought it was morning already, woke at 3:30 to go potty, then slept till 6:05 when sweet woke me up. I am a new woman today! (Well, I'll give partial credit to Mr E taking the Baboos for the afternoon and letting me sit at an actual desk in an actual office and actually get some work done in a sane manner).