Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chocolate, cake, hugs, cluesticks

Apologies for these rushed and low-content awards.  Things got nuts.

But this was quite a week, and so we are passing the chocolate, all the cake you want, and hugs to everyone.

Those miscreants -- you know who they are -- will be visited by the Cluestick Posse.


Sue said...

Yay for chocolate!!!

Cluestick posse dispatched = all is well.

Liz said...

KLee, my appendages are crossed.

Andy, may I humbly suggest the nearest UU church? I think you may find it suits.

And re: your Ex and her stuff and her issues, may I further humbly suggest a storage facility, with the bill in her name?

esperanza said...

simple, understated...lovely awards

KLee said...

Thanks for all the well-wishes. I will keep you all posted.

Andy, thinking of you, and praying that the darkness is well out of your way.

Miranda said...

Andy, I'd like an island to place both your ex and mine.

Klee, best wishes with your interview. All the parts crossed for you.

Send good vibes my way. I'm having abdominal pain, nasea, and other issues. I hope it's nothing but I'm heading to the doctor for a check up this afternoon because Dr Google has me worried.