Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rapid Fire Awards!

First, we extend our sympathies to kathy on the loss of her friend to the fireplacing cancer. So sorry. The gift basket sounds lovely.

The You Say Tomato, We Say Gorgeous Award goes to Liz for scoring Dress Perfection in several colours. Yay!

The Have it On Hand for the Apocalypse or When You Need Stamps (Whichever Comes First) Award goes to kathy for starting a good, and creative, list of those things you need to have around the house.

Style Awards go kathy and textureamy!!

Great to hear from you Amy!!

The posse sends a big thumbs down to every annoyance and trouble in Pixie Land, including mental health struggles, cold weather, school closing for sports events (unbelievable!), and many others I've missed.

Sorry pixies, gotta run!


kathy a. said...

Thanks, Sue, for hosting and the lovely ceremony.

esperanza said...

Awards on a Sunday! Amazing, Sue!