Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quick prizes

Welcome to the ceremony, where Saturday is the new Thursday!

Mazel Tov to Neighbor Girl on her bat mitzvah!  And we hope hope hope she is feeling better.

The Workout Queen Award goes to Sue, who is getting ready to kick winter's snowy behind.  Yay!  Sue also wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her description of her beloved's new facial hair arrangement, "Mario and Luigi."  We suspect the new look won't hold up long.

KLee wins the Adventures in Education Award, where it turns out (after a classroom switch) that she was not in fact causing the problem; and where a sub principal works out at least a viable approach to what seems to be a quite disturbed kid.

The Stupid Administrative Directive Award goes to that genius who directed a teacher to choose a "theme song," and then went ahead and chose one for the teacher.   Are there no real problems to solve?   Runner up is the genius who thinks recess should be cancelled for temps below 60F.  I mean...???

Neighbor Lady wins a Lifetime Posse Membership for "At times like this I try to remember that karma is a you know what, and I hope you get to be a fly on the wall when theirs bites them in the tuckus."

Sleepless in North America Awards go to Esperanza and Queen of West Procrastination, whose kidlets have conspired to not give Mama a break at night.  This award comes with extra helpings of Magic Pixie Dust.

Liz wins the Befuddled Award for that tech that doesn't do its thing.

QWP wins the Sad Compromise Award for "heart healthy" oatmeal cookies, which are missing the magic buttery taste.

The Cluestick Posse is hereby dispatched to:  people who tell parents of toddlers that "it will only get worse";  the demons of meeting scheduling;  worthless admins;  developers of (I assume) computer programs that won't do what one is trying to get them to do;  the demons of wakefulness;  designers of crazy school rules;  the weather gods;  and other deserving parties. 

Thanks for playing!


esperanza said...

Those are very thorough awards! Well done!

Liz said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Lifetime Posse Membership! I am honored! :)

It was a magical weekend. I am full with happiness and love!

:) Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Hooray NL! So glad it went well.

kathy a. said...

Yay, NL!

Sue said...

Yay NL! I'm so glad everything went well!

Great awards kathy!