Sunday, November 2, 2014

In Lieu of Awards, Here, Have Some Candy

Some of us have leftover candy, some of us collected too much candy, some of us didn't even buy any candy. Here, put it all in this big bowl and we'll share.

Sorry, awards aren't happening. But candy!


kathy a. said...

Thanks, Esperanza! I'm tossing in some peppermint patties, twix, kitkat, chewy fruit things, and packets of chocolate-filled koala cookies (japanese).

KLee said...

My candy is getting mailed to Kentucky. :)

kathy a. said...

Always popular in the dorm!

I used to put it in my office candy jar, also popular. (But now my office is at home, so that would be redundant.)

Miranda said...

Tween Son is donating his candy to a family whose grandma died last week and they couldn't dotrick or treating this year. He's such a sweet boy.