Sunday, May 19, 2013

Awards of the Brief Before My Internet Dies Again Edition

Redzils wins the Happily Ever Prize this week with a marriage proposal from a true prince.  The Pixies are collectively very excited for you!

Liz gets some sturdy walking shoes as she resumes her reign as the Doorbell Queen.

Queen of West Procrastination is bringing the Bodily Fluids and after a prize hiatus wins the Remembering What It's All About Award.  Hope you, your ducts, and your sweet babe all stay on the mend.

The Hero Crowns go to Kathy A and her Beloved once again for dealing with her sick relative.

We have our own Science Guru here as we celebrate Neighbor Lady's news that she will be teaching 6th grade science in the fall.

Boo on over-reactive spam filters, ISPs, school decisions, bad relationships, and meanies at meetings.  Passing around baked treats until next time.  And don't forget to visit the Book Club this week where we discuss Sandcastle Girls (links below).


kathy a. said...

Awesome awards! And the Posse is riding for your ISP.

esperanza said...

well done under adverse circumstances, Miranda!

Miranda said...

Thanks. My ISP makes it very difficult to find a human and you have to talk to it get options. In frustration, I hit "0" and then a helpful human appeared like a fairy godmother. Our blogging platform host should also receive cluesticks for being unusable on two different phone browsers neither affiliated with platform host but at least one is super popular due to being made by the same company that designed my very well known mobile device.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Thanks for putting this together in spite of your ISP wonkiness, Miranda!

So thankful for the commenting pixies: I actually first learned how to deal with plugged ducts years ago from a Whining Wednesday at Phantom's. I read people suggesting hot water and all that and thought to myself, "This is useful information I will file away for later."

esperanza said...

QWP, I am amazed at your memory prowess. I have that thought all the time and promptly forget not only the details, but also the subject and the fact that I ever thought I needed to file something away.