Thursday, April 22, 2010

W(h)ine for Everyone! Awards

Ya know what? I love you pixies. It's true. Where else can I find a place to let it all hang out, and get some giggles in return?

The Bleach is a B**ch Award is going out to Days, because omg the ruined uniforms. Eeep.

Entrepreneur of the Week Award to Sue for suggesting that esperanza produce a CD of baby giggles. Every office should have a copy!

Old Skool Prize to Sarah, because her whole house is grumpy. Maybe on accounta the stomach flu that is sweeping the nation?

Elevated Risk of Mullet – Best of the Semester Division goes to Amy, for "I hate all my students, even the ones I like."

Elevated Risk of Mullet – Human Dictionary Division goes to Days for using the words "peckish" and "rabid" in the same sentence.

Best Whine/Anti-whine Combo is a tie between Days, for:
W: I am supposed to be pulling out of the driveway in 55 minutes if I want to arrive on time (i.e. for the free snackage) for a weekend conference and I have yet to start packing.

AW: Headed to a city where I love to shop. Why pack anything?

and kathy a., for:
W: still buried in the piles of reading for a deadline, despite working all weekend. am i fun, or what?

AW: this gave me a great excuse to reschedule the dreaded "deep cleaning" at the dentist.

Sadly, the dental fun was not completely avoided, and kathy a. also wins a Dental Disaster Award for trying to respectfully parent her treatment-averse son with a life-threatening abscess. They didn't really mean that, did they? And he didn't really mean it, did he?

Grape W(h)ine for Everyone Award to Emily, whose fickle kid won't eat the "reject grapes." Thanks for keeping me company in my grape whininess.

TGIF Award to Elizabeth who has (by now) gotten her entire office packed up and now simply MUST take Friday off. Can't work, nope, not at all.

Earth Day Award to liz because darn it, she's more vigilant than I am with teh the plastic bag re-usage.

The Cluestick Posse will be visiting Sue's previous doctor, just for old time's sake, and sticking out our tongues and saying "na na na na boo boo." Cluesticks are also headed for amy's classroom, to see if it could possibly be true that a student ate BBQ wings, with her hands, during the final. Bonus cluesticking for esperanza's friend's soon-to-be-ex-husband, the schmuck.

The Hope Fairies will be visiting Redzils to cheer her on for a date! and a job interview! And also Sue, who is trying a new headache med. And it's cheap! Hooray for cheap! The Fairies will also be visiting JenR to give her some hugs and help her wait another month, and Elizabeth to make sure her mom's liver keeps working.

Tune in next week when kathy a. hosts and there are sure to be some good whines. (Hey, esperanza, how was that seven hour drive with two small children and a stomach bug? Enquiring minds want to know.)


Sue said...

Thanks Madeleine for an excellent awards show as always. Really, it's all there - grapes, schmucks, wings, and mature, dignified pixies sticking out their tongues for a good round of "na na na na boo boo".

Really, where else do you find that kind of fun?


Elizabeth said...

stellar awards. thanks.

kathy a. said...

are these the best awards ever, or what? thank you, madeliene!

clarifications: the dentist said "potentially" life threatening, which i assume means if untreated. and my beloved says son has calmed down some. we'll see.

Emily said...

Thank you Madeliene! Great awards. Sorry I had to whine and run this week.

kathy a. said...

elizabeth, thinking many good thoughts for your mom. xoxo