Friday, April 16, 2010

Turn, turn, turn...

Boo to strep throat, too much work reading, car troubles, Dr. WhatHeadache (who has earned a permanent place on the list), adult acne (any acne! but it feels especially unfair when grown ups get zits), uncooperative sewing machines, cut fingers, tax troubles, and finger smashing mouse traps.

Hurray for days when everyone goes to school/preschool, online shopping (try on bras and swimsuits in your own home!), and Pixies at large.

Liz gets the Coveted Lunch Award, for dining on roast duck and potatoes one day and meatloaf the next.

Remembering What It Is All About (non-nursing edition) to kathy a for her worthy brassiere whineage. I hope online shopping can save you, although I end up having to get measured Every. Single. Time. myself.

Purple_Kangaroo gets the Mystery Truck Award, for feeling run over. You may have to share it with me this week, P_K, I hope you don't mind.

KLee gets The Inadvertent Swimming Pool Award, for the leaky pipe and the flooded yard. Yick - I hope your plumber managed to stop the flood, eventually. I don't think lying to plumbers is nice, so you probably can't recycle experanza's plumber-goosing ""I just brought my premature baby home from the hospital."

Esperanza's Mini gets Old Skool for falling out hair. Some stages are a little less adorable than others, unfortunately.

Sue gets the Bon Voyage! Award. I hope your conference is a good one, and you are able to get what you need, while serving your friends.

Esperanza is my Linguistic Hero for the line, "I think you are right that it was a simple translation error. "Pook" in pixie ("poop" in English) sounds remarkably like "puke" in English, for which the proper pixie term is "bark," resembling "barf" in English." We dub thee the Official Pixie Professor of Fireplacing Linguistics.

We are a free-whineage space, and I want to encourage you to bring both the light whines and the heavy ones. Somehow all whines - big and small - are easier to carry in community, and the Pixies certainly offer that.

As the song goes:

to every thing [turn, turn, turn],
there is a season [turn, turn, turn]

...a time to whine,
a time to anti-whine,
a time to hope,
a time to grieve,
a time to plant,
a time to reap,
a time to "friend,"
and a time to de-friend...

Some Big Sad Things happened this week. Our thoughts are with Sue's fisher friend's family, P_K's friends, my family (our matriarch died at almost 90 on Thursday), and anyone who is hurting these days. We are here to hold you in the light.

Comments are open, and whines will return next week with A Mystery Host!


kathy a. said...

many hugs to you, redzils, for hosting so graciously in your own time of loss. xoxoxo

purple_kangaroo said...

Thanks, Redzils, and hugs to you and your family from me also.

I love the "Inadvertent Swimming Pool Award."

Sue said...

So sorry about your loss redzils.

Thank you my pixie friends. It's so good to know you are out there, ready for whines week by week and for the building up of an entirely new lexicon. Perhaps, one day no one will give me that 'crazy lady' look when I forget myself and say "Oh fireplace it!"