Thursday, April 8, 2010

Awards: Good Egg Edition

In this week's eggstravaganza, we heard many interesting eggxamples of creative approaches to that icon of Spring, the humble and hopeful egg: raw eggs dyed; blown eggshells dyed; blown and decorated eggshells strung from fishing line for an "Easter tree"; eggs dyed by boiling with vegetables!; and the reliable and popular plastic egg filled with goodies. Who knew eggs could be so fun?
Also, y'all are way too kind about my eggsperiment, but many thanks anyway. You are among My People.
On to the awards! Emily wins the Old Skool Award with her widely-acclaimed whine of the "high falutin' toilet paper holders (look like a "C" clamped to the wall) that don't actually hold the toilet paper, resulting in my pulling the roll off the holder, almost every time." This struck quite a chord with the Pixies; Liz calls for banning the design altogether. Runner-up in the Old Skool category is Esperanza, with the whine of swimsuit shopping. ~shudder~
The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Days, for "I don't know whether bra shopping or bathing suit shopping is worse; they both make me want to bury my face in a DQ sundae." Hear, hear!
Amy deserves praise for acting like a grown-up when another mother wasn't, but she wins the Golden Google Award for tipping us to, a website so fabulous and insightful that it still has us in stitches! Amy also wins the Friend Indeed Award, for helping a friend write her grandmother's obituary; we are sure it will be lovely, and your willingness to take this task must be a great relief to your friend.
Family holidays often come with a side of simmered angst, and this season is no eggception. Family Dynamics Awards to KLee, who was so not looking forward to a forced-feeding of political invective, and Days, who ended up ferrying around her ungrateful brother and his girlfriend, kids in tow, and got nothing but complaints for the headache-inducing effort.
On the other hand, Family Anti-Whine Awards to Sarah, who reports a plethora of lucious, adorable babies at the family party! and Liz, whose boys are back and happiness is unbounded! and Purple Kangaroo, whose beloved got where he was going! and Esperanza, whose Mini-Baboo slept for 8 straight hours!
Cheers also to Days, whose son got a school spot and started this week!
No Rest for the Weary Awards to Esperanza, feeling overwhelmed with the 24/7 baby routine and busybusybusy spouse; Days, sleepless with 4 kids in the room; and Miranda, juggling work and 4 kids with multiple activities and a spouse whose health is not out of the woods yet. You are Our Heros. We need to figure out how to kidnap the deserving for some days of R&R.
MamaMamaMama Mia! Award to JenR, whose little one awakes calling for Mama, then Daddy, and no position or arrangement of parental units soothes. Much sympathy; we don't know why this happens, only that this too shall pass.
Finding Our People Awards to Redzils, who feels lonesome after moving nearly a year ago, and to the many other Pixies who feel or have felt similarly, including Esperanza, JenR, Sue, Neighbor Lady, Days, Sarah, Amy. As exciting as the home office is [she says with sarcasm], especially with a full complement of feline employees, it's hard to feel connected here, too. Liz has a point about the internet helping. Talking, laughing, having shared sentiments and experiences, being able to bring up the bad stuff -- those are things that help someone become one of My People. I miss the everyday "let's have lunch" or "you want to do X?" or "can you help me with Y? I'll help you with Z" stuff though; doesn't happen enough. Sigh.
Hugs and crossed fingers for Sue today, as she first endures followup squishing of the girls, and then dons her superpowers cape for another round with Dr. WhatHeadache. Talk about limbo. Cluesticks are at the ready, if needed.
See you next week, when the fabulous Dr. Redzils will host!


Madeleine said...

An eggstremely good set of awards, kathy!

Sue said...

Great awards kathy a! Thanks.

Visit with the Mammogram of Doom - Now With Fancy Accessories - well, ick. But it's important, and it's done, and the staff was awesome.

Dr. WhatHeadache was a rat bastard today. Not only will he not prescribe meds for my pain, he will no longer refill my maxalt (migraine-abortive meds) because they don't always work. The fact that they only work about one time out of five means that I shouldn't take them. Apparently.

Oh, and btw, I shouldn't be taking over the counter pain meds every day b/c they will mess with my stomach and liver. No shit Sherlock. "So what *do* you recommend, Dr. JerkFace?"

Well, you could go back to Kingston - those injections worked once, right? Yes, but the second time, the results only held on for ten days.



kathy a. said...

Posse, let's saddle up for Sue. Everybody got their cluesticks and doorstops ready for Dr. IDon'tCare? Any eggs that somehow escaped art projects this past week are also welcome.

esperanza said...

Oh, Sue, that really steams me. Count me in on the posse. Do Jerk needs a compassion lesson. I've also experienced the "can't tell you anything" ultrasound techs, and it's maddening, but policy.

Sue said...

I used to work in the lab, so I totally understand the policy re: the ultrasound tech. Plus, she was a real sweetie pie - so kind.

And then - Dr. Jerkface. ~sigh~

Days said...

My very own Mullet! Thanks, pixies.

I have my own handy doorstop at the ready for when Sue gives the word.

Madeleine said...

I'll stab my knitting needles in Dr. Jerkface's ears and then ask him if he'd like an OTC pain reliever, or if his liver is too delicate for it.

Liz Miller said...

Sue, I am ready to ride out with cluesticks, doorstops, and other instruments of destruction.

It is time. It is PAST time, for you to report that jerk to his licensing board and to get yourself a new doctor.


amy said...

Thank you all kindly for the awards, and I'm always glad to share the snark with people who truly appreciate it.

As for Sue's doc, I agree -- he needs to get his OTC pain meds ready for the posse's arrival. I wonder, though, if there is more to the relationship than what we've seen? There must be a reason Sue returns to this doc.

Sue: would it make seeing another doc easier to be okay with if you framed it as "getting a second opinion"? If you see this doc because of an affiliation with a certain hospital or one of your specialists, perhaps you could check the hospital's website to see a list of other docs who work there, or contact the specialist's office to see if they have a standard recommendation for who you could see as a PCP. If it were me, I'd do those things, and I wouldn't feel guilty for a minute to say I was asking because I need an office that is more convenient for me. Never mind *why* it's more convenient.