Friday, December 11, 2009

The Land of Lost Mittens and Candy-Striped Cluesticks

Greetings, Pixies!

We begin with congratulations and a hearty round of cheers for Esperanza, whose Mini-Baboo has achieved 32 weeks, and Dr. Days, who completed her dissertation defense! Let the happy dancing commence.

Sarah at ratatat wins the Seasonal/Old Skool Award for multiple missing hats and gloves, even this early in the season.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Madeleine, for her sympathetic description of searching for lost hats on the schoolyard, looking for "sodden lumps of the approximate color." Runner up is Sarah, who complains that the media covered the snowstorm like it was a "terrorist attack from mother nature."

Word of the Week Award to Sue, who inadvertently invented "cat bark," a term that shot straight to the Pixie Hall of Fame.

Gloves and a cleaning fairy to Days, who brings the Bodily Fluids in the form of industrial quantities of cat bark and kid bark. Hope everyone is feeling better, pronto!

Domestic Goddess Award to Liz, for resisting the traditional cleaning freak-out when her dad came to visit. We bow to your example, and hope to employ it ourselves.

Chin Up Award to our own Redzils, who cannot blog at work, has a soul-sucking job and long-distance relationship, but is still maintaining a good outlook.

Glamorous Life of the Academic Award to Amy, who dealt with the snowstorm and the hopelessly clueless student.

Luncheon Award to Esperanza, whose Sweet Baboo, the little traitor, had a meltdown before said luncheon, and then performed like a little star for the little old ladies.

Speaking of performances, Madeleine wins an Old Skool Award for the whine of learning last minute that someone needs a particular clothing item for the concert that day. Saved by the fortune of having a clean shirt of an appropriate description!

Bah Humbug/Work Division Award to JenR, whose company is offering no raises and even more unpaid days off next year. Ho freaking Ho Ho.

Dragon Lady Award to Sue, whose eyes shoot flames and collar leaks a little steam when nobody shows up to decorate the congregational tree.

She is not the only Pixie so afflicted this week. KLee wins the Friend of the Flake Award, for grace in the face of angst created by someone dropping the ball on commitments.

Meanest Mommy in the Whole Wide World (TM) Award to Liz, who not only engages in the morning "time to go, let's get going, can you please hurry" ritual, but also requires her child to go to school unequipped with Nintendo products. The inhumanity of it all!

Pass the Anesthesia Award to Jenevieve, whose current rotation is wearing her to bits. But today's the last day!

Seasonal Cluesticks to a wide variety of persons, including family members, friends, co-workers, employers, congregants, weather reporters, and whoever is hiding all the gloves and hats.

May we all avoid barkage and find some joy this week!

Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating!

See you next time, when the fabulous Madeleine will host.


Sue said...

*applause applause* Great awards kathy a.!!! Here's hoping for a Bark-Free Zone here in pixie land next week.

Amy said...

what lovely awards! and i'm not just sayin' that. ;)

Madeleine said...

Wonderful awards, kathy a., thank you!

Had you been eligible, there would have been a Whiplash Award for you for the "work on it, don't work on it" reversal on teh Project of Doom. I hope your neck is OK.

kathy a. said...

thanks, madeleine! and thank you all for putting up with an excessively whiney host.

it's kind of back on. another weekend down the tubes. the so-called apology was couched in a lot of blaming. i'm trying to resist the strong urge to respond with a big "fireplace that, and the horse you rode in on."

liz said...

Resist the urge, but document the obnoxiousness. Remind them about all of their heinousness when it comes time for performance reviews.

You are doing a terrific job under horrible circumstances and they should visibly reward you for it.

esperanza said...

This project of doom has got. to. go.

Expect whines of the grandma-withdrawal variety from me. But antiwhines of the "we finally got some nesting done, thanks to grandma, even though da-da thinks it's way too early" variety.

Lovely awards, as always, kathy a.

liz said...

Beautiful awards!

Sue said...

Who else but a whiny host could lead us in the Pixie Ball??? Great job kathy a.

I agree with Liz - document all of the fireplacing nonsense re: Project of Doom.

Jenevieve said...

Great awards! Thanks to you all for cracking me up! Yesterday was long but relatively TEAR-free, and now I'm DoneDoneDone! Happy dance!