Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Edition

The festive week started early with the SNOWPOCALYPSE, causing travel delays, party cancellations, school closures, and wild outbursts of sledding! Congratulations to the hardy Pixie survivors.

Congratulations to Mini-Baboo for achieving 34 weeks!

Happy Birthday to Purple Kangaroo!

Elevated Risk of Mullet Awards to: KLee, who wishes for just enough snow to build "a snowman larger than a Darth Vader figurine"; Amy, who complains, "i've been trapped under a sleeping boy for two hours. he's sweating like a frat boy during finals, and he smells like one too"; and Esperanza, whose chance to sleep in was foiled: "I blame it on Mini-Baboo, who apparently has eight appendages and lifts weights at 6 AM".

Old Skool Awards to" Sarah at ratatat, for "I had to scramble to even out my kids present load. How did my older daughter get 11 and my son get 4? A trip to Target fixed it, but the gifts aren't as thoughtful"; and Liz, who complains, "I hate shopping for presents. That is all."; and Madeleine, who admits, "Paaaaacking. Hate it."

Emily wins the Style Award, hands down, for her haiku:
Beautiful snow falls
Children play so happily
More cleaning for mom.

Miranda gets the Grace Under Pressure Award and two weeks at a quiet spa for efforts to be festive in the company of someone at the polar opposite end of the emotional scale.

Therapeutic Breakthrough Award to Purple Kangaroo, whose child's new therapist is a huge improvement, and who is getting to the bottom of some sensory issues. Thanks to the Pixies who chimed in with encouragement and suggestions, especially Amy and KLee.

Sue wins a Purple Heart for dealing with the busy church Christmas agenda, two bereaved families, one holiday funeral, no volunteers for a funeral luncheon, and shoppers who found it inconvenient when she told them they couldn't park in the church lot on the day of the funeral. Extra Cluesticks to the shopper who called Sue "rude."

Anti-Whine of the Week Award also goes to Sue, who scored a massage! Runner up is Liz, who nearly had the office to herself on Christmas Eve and got to leave early!

Miss My Girl Award to Esperanza, who found her quiet house too lonely.

No to Snow Award to Jenevieve, whose boy doesn't like it.

Mama Drama Award to KLee, who only wanted to plan a little skating party but ended up trying to sort out why someone's mom was afraid her daughter was being left out by being invited. Huh. Glad it worked out in the end.

Relative Madness Award to PK, who discovered that a cousin is dating someone in prison for severely antisocial acts. Oy.

Ouchy Award to Days, who developed a festive holiday abcess. We hope that has cleared up!

You Can't Get There From Here Award to Elizabeth, whose flight was cancelled. A bonus Guilt Trip Laurel for dealing with the MIL who expected her to get there anyway.

Baby's First Christmas With Grandma Award to Amy, whose MIL wanted to treat the second Christmas like the first, complete with the hat she sent last year. Huh?

Best to all the Pixies as we sprint toward the finish of 2009. See you for the Year End Roundup, which will be hosted by the delightful KLee!


Madeleine said...

Woohoo! Excellent awards, kathy a.
I hope everyone is safely where they want to be and enjoying the calm after the storm (of weather or travel or just holiday craziness).

kathy a. said...

emergency whining. first, the anti-whine is that our christmas eve and christmas were great!

oy, but the in-law problems. the main one is that we had hoped to visit beloved's mom in the next few days, while daughter is home. she and i talked a couple days before christmas, and i could tell she was down. she lives several hours away, so it is hard to pop in and see how things are.

MIL and my beloved talked yesterday, and boy howdy -- she is mad at the entire universe, especially her daughter [my SILfromH, who recently moved near her], and she just kind of yelled at my beloved about everyone and everything. even that he hasn't visited, when we were hoping to visit, like right in the next few days. and she called back today to yell about something else.

and my beloved is a wreck. he is so upset and sad. the only up side is the kids being here.

i'm pretty convinced that MIL's major depression is back. it's been a good 15 years since she was in the hospital for it, but she had some really bad times in the past. also, she is 80, and she has a hairline fracture of the pelvis, which i know is painful and can't be helping. and SILfH, there was nothing good to come of her being near my MIL. oy oy oy.

Madeleine said...

So sorry the post-holiday angst is piling on you, kathy a. Sending hugs and virtual medical intervention.

liz said...

AW: My SIL has some tentatively awesome news.

W: It has caused a knitting emergency. One baby sweater needed before the end of January. Tentatively.

liz said...

Excellent awards!

Amy said...

Excellent awards, indeed! So sorry for the extra angst -- sending some virtual chocolate your way, and some of what your beloved likes, too.