Thursday, December 3, 2009


Mixed Emotions Award to esperanza, who isn't sure if she's sad or glad to be on the sidelines during this normally busy time of year for a religious professional. Mini Baboo says "Thank you for staying on the couch, Mama!"

A+ Award to Jeni who is DONE with her boards! Yahoo! We hope your headcold/earache has evaporated by now.

Whines of the Season Award (Old Skool Division) to Days for "writing, marking, shopping, baking, packing, get-togethering." This category will be open all month.

Whines of the Season Award (Bodily Fluids Division) to Amy for the holiday sweaters/family photo/barf attack trifecta. We hope not to be giving further awards in this category, but who am I kidding? Open all month.

Household Fluids Award to Elizabeth for a leak!!! In the Living Room Ceiling!!! Please tell us this isn't rapidly becoming a giant nightmare.

Old Skool Award (Whine division) goes to Amy, whose bathroom clock aspires to be a kitchen clock. What can we say? The clock wants what it wants.

Old Skool Award (Anti-whine division) to Sue for "my office is warm today." Sadly, I too have had several offices where that is a notable event.

Automotive Awkwardness Awards to Elizabeth for a flat tire at 5:35 am (dear me) and to JenR with the temperamental starter. May both of yourses luck improve pronto. (I am aware that the plural possessive of your is probably your, but it just wasn't working for me.)

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to esperanza, without doubt, for this fantastic advice: "JenR, if your keys are related to Amy's clock, maybe you should just take the car to the kitchen and they will work."

Whine of Style Award to kathy a., for wit in the face of adversity and an excellent Captain's Log entry.

A Day Late and a Whine Short Award to Emily, who's whine didn't show up on time.

And finally, Liz for the win, hands down, for Most Exciting Morning: "Woke up at 0600 to the melifluous sounds of 9 Federal Marshals knocking on the door of the house right next to us, shouting 'Hands up! Police!'" Nothing compares to that.

Stay healthy, pixies. I hope your December keeps ticking along nicely, but if not I'm looking forward to hearing about it next week!


Elizabeth said...

Lovely awards, thank you Madeleine.

And I'm afraid I'm losing my sense of humor, because I had totally missed the joke in "Liz wins, hands down" until now.

esperanza said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're right--on the couch is where I belong this year.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the lovely awards!

I'd like to add that the clock remains on the bathroom wall, but I think I will remove it to the kitchen as a reward for tonight's behavior.

I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to my daughter's holiday concert, and I kept instinctively checking the clock to make sure I was on time. I needed to be walking out the door by 5:30, and sure enough, it was still only 5:20. Then I realized -- the clock is stopped. Oh noes! But it turns out that even a broken clock is right twice a day because when I checked another (working) clock, they matched! Ha! Who am I to doubt this clock?

kathy a. said...

oh, a bonus award to amy for her acceptance speech!

wonderful ceremony, madeleine! thank you.

Sue said...

Amy's clock woes have me cracking up - and it's really early for me to be laughing. I think my hubby is creating an action plan in the living room. What *does* one do with a partner who never smiles or speaks first thing in the morning, but is in the other room laughing out loud?

I'd best go and let him know I'm okay.

See you next week pixies!

I want a tiara for Christmas. I need something pretty to wear to these Pixie Whining Extravaganzas every week.

Just sayin'...

Amy said...

Sue - you should definitely have a tiara, and gorgeous boot to boot!

liz said...

.....And a turkey vulture flew into my car windshield THIS morning. No damage done to car or bird.

But the universe is definitely trying to tell me something.

The Universe said...

Liz, you should sleep later every morning.

esperanza said...

The Universe has a blogger account? Why am I always the last to know these things??

The Universe said...

You never write, you never call...

Jenevieve said...

Hahahaha! Madeleine, excellent awards. The rest of you are WAY too funny. Universe, we aren't on speaking terms right now.

liz said...

Thank you, Universe, for finally spelling it out for me. I always respond better to direct comments rather than passive-aggressive hints.