Friday, October 23, 2009

Late Awards, but not so late as predicted...

Thanks for your patience, Pixies! Your hostess has concluded that the Albatross Project will not be finished by tomorrow. AW: overnight mail. W: darned thing is not done.

'Tis the season for wacky-looking kidlet photos! Picture's Worth a Thousand Words Awards to Neighbor Lady, whose son gets a do-over but he promises not to smile for that one, either; Amy, who gave Tater an unfortunate haircut just in time for the one-year photos; Liz, whose son acquired an attractive facial bruise right before pictures; Madeleine, whose sweetie was all primped and gorgeous by the time she discovered the note saying photos would be a few weeks later, and the rescheduled date was pizza day; and Purple Kangaroo, whose kids have a talent for facial mishaps immediately before photos.

Purple Kangaroo also wins an Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her additional photo observation: "and the likelihood [of non-photogenic injuries] is quadrupled if they're actually being in a wedding party." But we appreciate the silver lining offered by PK: these photos will be the interesting ones in 30 years.

Another Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Madeleine, who advocates comfort in clothing, but remarks, "It helps to have no sense of style."

Itchy Shirts and Tags Awards to Liz, whose son wanted to look spiffy for the school photo, and sacrified comfort for handsomness; Esperanza, whose mom still removes all tags; Sarah at ratatat, who reports an additional problem with the tagless printing inside garments; and Purple Kangaroo, who solves the tagless printing itch by wearing afflicted undergarments inside out. Voila!

And speaking of undergarments, is there any single item of clothing more likely to bring out the whines than bras? I think not. Foundations Awards to all with undergarment woes and joys this week, including Liz, Sue, Emily, Esperanza, Purple Kangaroo, Elizabeth, and Madeleine.

Old Skool Award to Madeleine, for "total lack of motivation, plenty of work to do." Hearty agreement from several sectors of Pixieland. Also to Amy, whose cell phone died.

Bodily Fluids Award to Emily, whose cat jumped on the bed and woke her up, so he could barf. On the bed. Yuckerino.

Best Anti-Whine Award to Elizabeth, who reports a grueling marathon of work and family and etc., concluding, "Halloween costumes are my husband's problem."

Cutie Pie Award to Esperanza, who feared she was an ogre for not costuming her little Sweet Baboo. And the verdict is: not an ogre! And Sweet Baboo is a cutie pie just as she is! Also sending good Pixie wishes for Sweet Baboo's quick recovery from whatever that bug is.
Go, Baby! Award to Sarah at ratatat, whose baby is really truly walking!
Good Idea Award to Sue, whose congregants are just bursting with ideas that they want someone else to implement. Now. Madeleine helpfully suggested the Good Idea Rule -- you want it, you're responsible -- but Sue and Esperanza contend that rule is somehow suspended in church, along with the Grownups Should Act Like Grownups Rule.

Bumper Sticker Award to Sue as well, for her envy of a B*tch On Board sticker.

Medical Trauma Award to Neighbor Lady, whose blood draw left her with a huge ouchie.

Political Trauma Award to Liz, who reports that the insurance lobbyist was confirmed for a health council. Yikes. The Cluestick Posse is hereby dispatched to deal with the responsible parties.

Love and hugs to Sue, whose friend was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Also to Purple Kangaroo, who is searching for a new therapist for AJ, and to Sarah, whose daughter is also struggling.
Thank you for playing this week! See you next week, when your host will be the fabulous Madeleine!


Madeleine said...

Procrastination is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Much luck for your albatross deadline, Kathy A.

Sue said...

Thanks kathy a. - sending good Albatross vibes your way.

purple_kangaroo said...

Please tell me you had a window with the whining comment thread open while writing this? Because nobody's memory is that good--I think.

Excellent show, and thank you thank you thank you. :)

Sending warm thoughts to all the pixies!

purple_kangaroo said...

Of course, the alternative is that my memory is just really really bad (which is certainly true), because I couldn't remember all that well enough to write such a great awards ceremony without peeking to save my life.

Anyway, good job either way!

kathy a. said...

yes, the secret is: 2 windows! my poor brain is swiss cheese.

Marie said...

I love this blog!!! Whining is in my blog title too. I have an Olympic Gold Medal in whining. I do. Really.

It is too a sport. Just a secret one.

Anonymous said...

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