Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whining from my hospital bed

Whine: Hospital bed
Anti-whine: WIFI!!!

I'm gonna be undergoing a colonoscopy tomorrow, boys and girls. Beat that.

*Looks so far like a bacterial infection, they just want to look and make sure. I am currently bung-full of saline solution and antibiotics. Clear liquid diet. Have had unabated unpleasantness but feel much better than I did yesterday.


kathy a. said...

OMG, LIZ! oh, i'm so sorry you are in the hospital, and getting ready for The Procedure. but hey, wifi. that has got to make it better.

you win a lifetime achievement hosting award, for stepping in under such circumstances.


kathy a. said...

W: cell phone died. it was 6 years old, which probably makes it a museum piece.

AW: yay!! family wedding on sunday! i found an artsy present! son likes the clothes i got him to wear! daughter flies in on friday! we're all on the work crew! "orientation" at the venue tonight! rehearsal dinner saturday! i've got ribbon roses for the champagne flutes, and wedding-brain!

the groom is my youngest cousin, and we adore his beloved. we haven't had a family wedding in over 10 years! he was just a kid when he caught the garter at my wedding. joy joy joy.

Madeleine said...

Liz, honey! I hope they are taking very good care of you and that the antibiotics do their job.

liz said...

AW: Colonoscopy's off.
W: I'm still gonna be here another couple of days taking antibiotics and being hydrated.
AW: My mom sent flowers.
W: Can't see Muffin Man till I'm okayed to go home.

esperanza said...

Liz! Oh no! Unabated unpleasantness that sends you to the hospital is award winning. Glad you'll escape The Procedure, but still. And I deeply hope you aren't contagious, because contagious, unabated unpleasantness would be awful.

Kathy, have a wonderful wedding.

Moving Whine: Argh. We are moving from a church-owned home into another. We are getting out of this one so that new pastor can get in it at the assigned time. Problem is that our new church wants to do some work at the new house and it won't be ready to move into. We can find a place to stay, but our stuff? Yikes. And. The Sweet Baboo, on last week's trip, proved herself not as go-with-the-flow as she used to be, of the No Sleeping Variety. Argh.

Antiwhine of that is that they are replacing the 1978 linoleum (how do you spell that).

Additional Moving Whine: Like a good postal customer, I sent in the change of address form, clearly marked as to its effective date. They stopped delivering our mail now.

Fertility Whine: pregnancy test is Friday, which will not ever come, I'm sure. I am allowed to pray for positive results, just "low numbers" according to the doctor, who does not want me to be the next octuplet mom either.

Further Baboo Whine: snot, and attendant snot sucking procedures.

OK, i think that will do me for today.

Elizabeth said...

Yikes, Liz. Hope that your hospital stay is as brief and painless as possible. Is there anything I can do to help?

liz said...

Thanks Elizabeth, I really appreciate the offer, but we are okay at the moment. I will let you know if that changes, though!!

liz said...

Esperanza, I will save my comment on your comment for the awards ceremony.

Sue said...

Blogger ate my comment! Wah!

Liz - so sorry about the hospital stay. I hope you feel better really soon so you can get back home to the fambly.

Whine: Headache of the three-day variety.

Anti-whine: Physio who squeezed me in this morning before her regular office hours. A little manipulation and acupuncture and I only feel the echo of Teh Headache.

Extra Awesome Anti-Whine: Same physio called in a favour with a local doc who does trigger point therapy and said doc will see me!!! AND she will inject the dreaded right sub-occipital area that keeps giving me trouble. (I saw another local doc who wouldn't touch that trigger point - too close to scary things like cerebral spinal fluid and such).

Esperanza - hugs and pixie wishes for the best outcome for everything - the move, the test, the snot and even the associated sucking.

esperanza said...

Oh, I forgot an antiwhine (thank goodness, finally an antiwhine, you're all thinking).

Wednesday is my birthday! Mr. E's gift is waking up with the Sweet Baboo and letting me sleep. Or lounge, whatever. Yippee, Mr. E!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Liz. That's terrible. And very kind of you to blog from the hospital bed. That said, I loved having wi-fi when I had the last baby. I didn't feel locked away. I hope whatever is going on turns out to be minor.

Yay Sue! I hope the headache abatement program works.

And happy wedding Kathy! I love it when a wedding is fun and extends into a fun weekend.

Whine: children up, must run.

margalit said...
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liz said...

AW: Off the IV fluids as of 0230 this morning. Slept for 4 hours! Got to sleep on my tummy!

AW: GI cramping is gone.

W: Unpleasantness (ahem) still remains.

W: Cramping itself has returned in new form. Do you wanna guess why?

Hello Aunt Flo!

liz said...

Happy Birthday, Esperanza!!!!

liz said...

Never mind on the visit from Flo. That was just wear and tear.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Esperanza!!!

And Happy Birthday to our first born, who turns *gulp* 27 today. How on earth did he grow up so quickly????

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Esperanza, and Sue's son.

Liz, glad to hear that there's progress, and hope that they let you out soon.

Margalit, sorry to hear of the ongoing tsuris.

Whine: Someone at work threw out the pot of coffee I had just made (because I hadn't turned the warmer on so he assumed it was old coffee) and made a pot of really weak coffee instead.

Antiwhine: gorgeous weather.

liz said...

It's BOTH Aunt Flo and wear and tear!

AND they forgot to tell the kitchen I'm not having the procedure so I haven't eaten yet today.

BUT I'm feeling much much much much better.

Bordering on chipper even.

I'm trying to save my comments on your woes and joys until the awards tomorrow.

Madeleine said...

Old Skool vote to Elizabeth for the lost coffee.

Hugs to everyone for all the tsuris. Quite a week at WW!

Sending calming thoughts to Liz's intestines (and uterus) and Sue's head.

Sending birthday wishes to esperanza, and also two-more-days patience. And good sleeping vibes for the impending upheaval. (Assvice: moving companies can usually store your stuff for a while. They have extra truck back sections. Is the new church covering moving costs?)

My whines are pretty much hayfever and running-aroundness. We had an actual family long weekend which was great.

AW of tragedy averted: we have a city-owned tree in our front yard, one of a cohort of 80 year old maples that are all dying. The city is slow to get around to pruning, so we hired a private company to come, to avoid having someone bludgeoned by a dead branch. One of the 4 large branches was split all the way through. You could see sky through it! When they chopped it into chunks, some of them fell apart. So it will cost us a bundle to pay for the work (and they didn't leave a bill, hmmmm) but no person or car was smashed before we got it done, which is a very good thing. The tree is now about half its former self, but the arborist said this radical trim should enable the remaining parts to live longer.

JenR said...

Having witnessed it myself, I can verify that Sarah made good use of the wifi with the last baby - since the number of laptops in the hospital room often outnumbered the adults.

W/AW ... my son had an ear infection when they did the tube surgery, and less than one week later we were on our second course of antibiotics to get rid of it. AW is that the second round seems to have cleared it up in record time, so I get to stop the dreaded ear drops of doom. Yay!

W2 ... What makes a toddler decide to be awake, happy, and playful all through the night? After almost three hours of trying to get him back to sleep, I deposited him in his crib to cry at the injustice of being abandoned so mama could get 2 hours of sleep before work. I am not a fan of CIO, but I ran out of other options. Yuck.

esperanza said...

Liz, that is a very large injustice, of the cosmic sort, to have to deal with Aunt Flo AND unabated unpleasantness AND hospitals all at one time. And I don't think free wifi, though handy, makes up for it.

Madeleine, yes, I know. Church hierarchy pays for the move, and they have already approved "binding estimate" for the move, which did not include storing our...ahem...stuff for a few days. And the movers are a smaller outfit, and summer is a busy time, etc. It can be dealt with, just more red tape that somehow falls to me. Blech.

Madeleine said...

esperanza, I hear you on the red tape, and the inescapable path of such red tape into your hands.

jenR, oh, the agony of the happy wakeful child. I hope you are making it through today in approximately one piece.

JenR said...

Thanks Madeleine. It is slightly worse because I stayed up late trying to get some things done, and he woke up just as I was going to bed. :-(

kathy a. said...

hugs to all the pixies, and especially liz.

i'm back with more whining. my computer is seriously about to be killed; now the monitor is also acting up badly. also, i'm still very excited about the wedding, but last night i got appointed "coordinator." and this wedding is not exactly all completely pulled together, although now i have a few hundred champagne and wine glasses in my living room, and i might have a plan to get food to the venue if my beloved cousin finds out what time is good for pickup. and then there was the work emergency, which involved groveling, but i think that worked out.

is it bedtime yet?

Sue said...

(((kathy a,))) sending good computer and wedding vibes.

I agree with esperanza - Auntie Flo, hospital and waiting for surgery doesn't quite make up for wifi....though we do appreciate being able to hear from you Liz!

I'm off to a church meeting out of town - thankfully, this one is only once a year. Must pack. I'll check the later whines and awards when I get back on Monday, as I will be wifi-less for the weekend.

amy said...

Aunt Flo + unpleasantness seems like a big front-runner for Old Skool, but if there's a second place, I nominate Elizabeth for the perfect pot of coffee that got tossed out and replaced with swill. Bad coffee! Oh the humanity!

As for my whine, I'm pretty sure reality television is one of the signs of the apocalypse. I mean, have you seen "Pitchmen"?

KLee said...

I think I have developed Sue's Chronic Daily Headache, though (thank God) not on the mega-scale poor Sue had it. Doc gave me meds two and a half weeks ago, but they don't seem to be doing much to help. As a matter of fact, I lost my shit today -- I was so tired, and sick of feeling bad, and had to drop off some papers and went to the wrong address and couldn't find the right building that the tears just came. I had to sit in my car and get myself back together for a few minutes. And, then of course crying makes the headache worse. I feel like something inside my head is broken. I do not feel right anymore. I am tired of feeling ill.

esperanza said...

Oh KLee, that is awful. Losing your shit is certainly allowable. Get back to that doc and see if he/she can do something, and soon.

kathy a. said...

(((( klee ))))

Sarah at Ratatat said...

Oh Klee, Hugs.

And JenR - I hate that- the waking when you are going to bed. I hope more sleep comes your way soon.

And Happy birthday Esperanza - moving is so painful. I hope the move and the storage works out.

Are you coming home from the hospital soon, Liz?

Can'tTell said...

Whine/antiwhine: "on the OCD Spectrum".

I'm getting close to being ready to blog about it. I'd be closer if it weren't for certain comments I know will be coming from certain people I know IRL who read my blog.

And let's just say that stress and overdoing it are not good for the chronic health issues, either.

purple_kangaroo said...

. . . echoing the hugs and calming thoughts to everyone's lives, towns and bodies.

Sue said...


Just checking in before hitting the road. I'm so very sorry about your headaches. Hang in there, lose your shit when you need to, and email me if you have any questions. Chances are whatever you're trying, I've done it.

Hugs in abundance my friends. I'm off to spend/sleep for eight hours in a car on the way to a church thing. (I won't sleep while I take my turn driving, I promise).

kathy a. said...

can't tell, that sucks when you don't want to blog about something personal and important because you "know certain comments are coming."

kathy a. said...

(((( liz ))))) hope you are on the mend and out of the hospital. xoxox

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you're feeling better today, Liz!

liz said...

Home. Awards coming soon. Closing comments.