Monday, March 23, 2015

Whole new week

Sorry for the lack of awards last week.  The plague held on through most of the weekend.  And this week's moderation will be light, but may as well get the show on the road!

AW:  Feeling better today.

AW: Doctor visit re longer-term issues was reassuring, and I came home with a bag of meds for allergies, keeping the lungs clear, and rosacea; plus info on what to do for my lower back (which I'm told is arthritis).  Plus two immunizations and a set of labs.  Etc.  BP is good.

W:  Ever so behind in the land of albatrossi.

AW:  Taking 2 days off anyway, to run off and celebrate the anniversary this week.

AW:  It rained last night!  The cats were all excited when they heard the strange noise, so they embarked on a lot of craziness -- wild cat galloping stampede; competitive tablecloth wrestling; meow at mama so she pets you. 

How are you?


kathy a. said...

W: they have bullied me into a colonoscopy. AW: but it's almost 2 months away, I will need a driver, and since I have a driver on that day, I will get meds. W: huge gigantic wimp. AW: but I can own that.

esperanza said...

Happy anniversary!

W: Albatrossi are multiplying around here

W: possibility of a move still hanging

W: weekend away from Baboos was exhausting. OK, tell me this: I was sharing a room with 3 other women, only one of whom I knew. I entered the room with my suitcase, and one woman (I had never met before) was lying on top of the covers on her bed, clad only in a tshirt and underpants. She seemed completely oblivious. I thought it quite startling. Am I being unnecessarily prudish, dear pixies?

kathy a. said...

Oh, bleah, Esperanza. Hope the move and albatrossi get worked out.

I'm not comfortable hanging out in my underwear in my own house. Saw a lot more of that here and there in college, but not really since then. People have different comfort levels, but that seems a little much around strangers.

W: very stupidly scheduled the colonoscopy for the day after Mother's Day, a day when I will be suffering through nothing but clear liquids. (And how the firelplace am I supposed to do *that* for a whole day?) Is it legit to reschedule a fake holiday?

esperanza said...

You can reschedule Mother's Day, or (as I prefer) cancel it altogether.

I didn't mention that the less-clothed woman is at least 10 years older than I am, if that makes a difference.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kathy, thank you for hosting two weeks in a row, especially in the midst of everything. Happy anniversary, and I'm sorry you have to have a colonoscopy on the day after Mother's Day. (Last year, a good friend of mine had to have one on Valentine's Day. She decided that the only way to deal with that was via crude humour.)

Esperanza, I am not at all surprised that the less-clothed woman was about ten years younger than you. I've shared rooms during enough conferences that I'm not surprised at all. I don't know if it's a young women thing in general, or a thing with women just a little younger than me. Or if I'm just abnormally prudish.

W: Mr. Q is sick. And snoring LOUDLY when he sleeps, regardless of position. I ended up sleeping on the couch last night, after laying awake for an hour and a half.

Is there any way for E and me not to catch this cold?

Old Skool: Mr. Q discovered that I haven't been taking my prescribed iron pills for the past year, and reminded me that I'm tired all the times and sometimes get dizzy. (I've been hoping that the anemia thing was mostly an issue with the fibroids and my c-section, and my doctor didn't specify that I had to take them indefinitely, but I've also been avoiding the subject during checkups.) So (grumble grumble) I'm taking them again. They make my tummy feel weird. Back to consuming vitamin C and fibre like it's my job. (And I'm due for a checkup soon, and so I'll ask for blood work, so that we can find out if I'm still anemic.)

Anonymous said...

QWP-- did you try a slow release iron? I take something called Sl0wFe and it seems ok to me-- better than the regular supplement......just a thought.
--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

No, QWP, she was OLDER than I. was not a "let me show off my toned body" thing. I will join you in the prudish, covered up camp. :) Where there is plenty of room to change in the bathroom.

kathy a. said...

I dunno if 10 years younger would have been any better. At a conference, isn't it better if people just meeting one another aren't in skivvies at the time, allowing for the occasional awkward changing session or mutually agreed terms?

QWP, NL has a good suggestion about the iron. Even if it is just one more thing to remember every day, ugh.

Sue said...

kathy a - I share your hesitancy about the colonoscopy. I had one at 50 and don't have fond memories. At least you get some drugs. I say reschedule Mother's Day.

esperanza... my sympathies for sharing a room at all, never mind with THREE others. My introvert idea of a weekend in hell. Seriously. The t-shirt and panties woman needs to learn some boundaries. Just, no.

QWP - sorry about the snoring hubby and need for iron. NL's advice is wise - I hear the slow release is better on the tummy.

W: Soooooo tired.

esperanza said...

I know. I spent as little time as possible in the room and took an unintentionally long walk all by myself.

AW: New niece arrived shortly after midnight!

Anonymous said...

Yay for new niece!!!!

kathy a. said...

Congratulations, Esperanza! Welcome to the world, baby girl!

Garbage report: Daughter cleaned her room yesterday, and nearly filled both the trash and recycle bins. I could swear I taught her to take out trash, instead of letting it build for a few months. Lips.Zipped.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hooray for the new baby!

W: E took off her diaper at bedtime and naptime, and now I'm doing so much laundry. And she refused to nap, which means that we are going to have to stay home and put her to bed, instead of going out for a pizza pool party with my visiting cousin and her kids. I'm just so frustrated and tired. I let everyone know we won't be coming, but I know that my cousin won't really understand (her kids aren't as obsessed with routine as E is, and just sleep wherever, it seems, and I get implications from that branch of the family that E is higher maintenance because I coddle her).

Or I'm just over tired and complainy, and the combination of things today makes me want to yell and yell.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

And here I am thinking they won't understand, and then my aunt (who us taking care of the kids while my cousin has meetings in town) told me that she had to drive around for an hour, just so that the kids would nap. (And we're in the middle of a snow storm here! I would not want to drive for an hour today.)

esperanza said...

Do I ever hear you on the blessing and curse of a Routine Baboo, QWP. Sorry you're missing out on fun, but we all know that possible fun + cranky toddler = no fun for anyone.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Exactly, esperanza. And this toddler becomes no fun in a hurry, when she's cranky. (And I was unfair I'm complaining that my cousin's kids are always so easy about sleep: apparently they both had a hard time getting to sleep last night, because they were in a hotel.)

AW: we're having a nice, quiet evening at home, and even ordered in pizza, to make up for the missed party.

Anonymous said...

QWP, that sounds lovely.
May you all get good rest tonight.
-Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Glad the auntie is behind you, QWP. Other's people's kids are have their own stuff, too. Driving in snow to soothe them is battle duty.

Sue said...

Congrats Auntie esperanza!!

(((QWP))) I'm glad you had a quiet pizza evening.

I hear you about the garbage kathy a. When I helped our son pack up his apartment, I wondered which pack of wolves raised him and in which barn. *sigh*

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, we had a nice morning at the Science Centre, but then E still didn't nap, even though exhausted, and then pooped, and it got everywhere. I've been cleaning and cleaning, and everything (but especially E) still stinks.

esperanza said...

Oh, QWP, this is happening way too often. I'm sorry.

W: Mentally fried by albatrossi. So much so that I did the following stupid things today: drove an hour to return a swimsuit at T@rget but left the swimsuit at home. Went to cleaners. Paid for Mr. E's clothes. Left them at the cleaners. You see the pattern, yes? Hoping for some restful sleep tonight.

AW: talked with a colleague/friend who helped me with one of the albatrossi, hopefully freeing up some mental space.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow, Wednesday Whining is still going strong. I haven't been here in ages, but I just thought about you all and wondered...

whine: tired, stayed up too late.
whine: it's still winter
whine: waiting to hear whether my son got into the HS he wants.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

So: backwards sleeper, and two diapers (top one on backwards) for bedtime. I'm going to start doing that at naptime as well, until she learns not to strip down in bed. (I did the two diaper trick at naptime, and she didn't successfully remove it, but she got all her other clothes off, and still got poop all over herself.)

AW: in the midst of all this (and I think it's somewhat connected), she's making good progress with potty training.

I've been complaining a lot about E's behaviour lately, and I think I need a few anti-whines about her: she's really good about not running off, when you take her to a public place. And she's getting so good at being polite. Also, while I've been feeling whiny about the social limitations associated with her firmly early bedtime, it sure is nice having this quiet time: I'm entirely alone just after 7pm. (E is asleep, and Mr. Q had to go back to work.)

esperanza said...

Hi Elizabeth! Come by anytime. We really whine all week now, if you're in need.

QWP, I imagine it is related to potty training. And the two diaper, backwards sleeper trick is genius (see my faith that it will work!).

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Welcome back, Elizabeth! Oh boy, do I understand the first two whines (and I hope your son gets into his preferred high school).

AW: we slept! E slept in! And she was fully clothes when she woke up.

W: Mr. Q had to leave before we woke up (he has an out-of-town trip with students during the day, followed by a science fair, which he is running, which will begin before he gets back, and runs until late in the evening). So, I'm alone with the kid all day, without the car. And she's still tired (and I have a headache).

Sue said...

Hi Elizabeth!!!

esperanza, I totally understand the albatross overload on the brain. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who does things like leaving the dry cleaning behind.

kathy a. said...

Hi, Elizabeth!! Best of luck to your son with the HS decisions.

QWP, I promise that one day she will outgrow the poop on head adventures.

AW: excellent little trip with my beloved.

kathy a. said...

For some reason, this just cracked us up. The waiter last night asked how long we've been married; and then he said the only people he knew had been married 31 years or more are his grandparents! (They just celebrated their 50th, so he wasn't quite saying "dear lord, how fortunate they let you out of the home for ancients.")

It is a big number, though. And kind of baffling to us, because despite proof that a lot has happened in those decades, it doesn't seem like that long ago.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

It is a big number! Happy anniversary, you guys. (And my parents didn't become grandparents until after their 35th anniversary, btw.)

Elizabeth Miller said...

Yay Elizabeth!!! I am assuming I know which HS you are talking about. I hope he gets in. I hope mm follows him there a year later.

W: mm was sick today.
Aw: I put an audio book on for him and he stayed in bed listening to it all day.

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary kathy a and hubby! Lol about the waiter!

Sorry to hear mm is under the weather. Yay for audio books though!

AW: I have discovered a new tailor. The one I usually go to is in a really crummy part of town and the building they're in feels like it's going to crumble around me.

The new place is in my favourite hip local shopping area! Yay!

kathy a. said...

Hope MM is feeling better!

Yay for the new and more convenient tailor, Sue.

liz said...

MM has been up and down. Fever in the morning, lower at bedtime. He's currently sitting on the couch and filling up on H2O ("I want you peeing once an hour", I said to him.)

Hooray for a tailor close by! I lucked out and got one that makes house calls and is reasonable.

Sue said...

A tailor that makes house calls - awesome!

I hope MM is feeling much better today.

liz said...

No fever, still coughing. Doctor's tomorrow if coughing persists