Saturday, March 7, 2015


First, have some nice yakitori, and GS thin mints.  Also, it appears some of us have a few extra books to share, so pass 'em around.

Liz wins the It's Due When? Award for dealing with a school project not remembered until the end of the weekend.  And Liz is also our resident Fashionista for getting someone to mercilessly cull the clothing herd, and make suggestions.

The Delegating is Good Award goes to Esperanza, who got actual volunteers to help with albatrossi!  Esperanza also wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her visualization suggestion, for when one meets with icky people and has to act nice.

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Rosie the Riveter "We Can Do It" Award for a successful rearrangement of furniture, including a bookcase.

The Triangulation Stinks Award goes to Sue, who got trapped in a web of sneakiness.

Gary (aka Dr. Corndog) wins the Welcome Back Award!  We missed ya.

The Thespian Award goes to KLee, for another successful production.

Cluesticks to deserving parties, including but not limited to trianulators, powers that be who won't decide if somebody else has to move, school personnel who call a snow day when the nearest ice is 90 miles away,  everybody spreading germs, and whoever is in charge of the weather.

Hugs to QWP and anyone else who has suffered a recent loss.   

Much love to little Waylon

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