Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tigger Awards

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things.  And bouncy!  Here's to everyone bouncing back when those challenges come along.

The Teachers Rule, Meanies Drool Award goes to our Neighbor Lady, who got whomped with a nasty parent email plus meeting -- but survived the meeting and got fan mail as well!  We're also glad NB is doing well with his team and etc.

For Queen of West Procrastination, an End in Sight Award for slogging forward with the manuscript despite unreliable babysitting, the shift in naptimes, and general exhaustion.  This prize includes all the caffeine you can swill, lots of chocolate, and a bit of time to smell the roses or whatever.  Also, yay about the possible future paid work!

Esperanza wins the Old Skool Award, for a microwave that suddenly lost any ability to heat things, while still looking like it was working perfectly.  Congratulations also on the successful weekend, the nap well taken, and demonstrating the term "small but mighty" to the furniture guy.

Liz wins the Dreaded Tasks for a Good Cause Award, for multiple insurance applications, updating domains, and mapping a great summer for the boy!  Hurray!  And all that is done now.

The Rock Star Award goes to Sue, who scored tickets to see a favorite band!  Love and thoughts for your hubby -- hope he is on the road to recovery. 

The Word of the Week is "puny," which we have decided works perfectly well when someone's feeling under the weather, despite other local usage.  Thanks, Esperanza!

Cluesticks to mean people.

Many thanks for everyone's kindnesses. 


Liz said...

terrific awards!

esperanza said...

Yay, Old Skool! Thank you!

Sue said...

Great awards kathy! Thanks!