Saturday, April 5, 2014


Did I mention low expectations? Sorry, but this will be brief. Our youngest is celebrating his 30th birthday today (how on earth did THAT happen so fast?) so there is a family dinner. In other words, I must clean this house. But not until I’ve finished the work I didn’t get done yesterday, go to the pharmacy and grocery store, and – most importantly – drink another cup of coffee.

So here goes:

First, on behalf of all the pixies, our deepest condolences to kathy a and her family on the loss of your beloved MIL. You are in our thoughts.

Hugs and love to NL for the worsening situation. Yay for having some help, though.

QWP takes the “Well, I Didn’t See That Coming” award for horrifying revelations about her ob/gyn. Back to the GP it is….

Sweet Baboo gets the “We Will Rock You” award for a stellar performance at the marathon medical appointment that involved a looooong drive. Here’s hoping there were naps to catch up on some sleep.

For Miranda, we have the “Underappreciated Elegance” award for coming up with a solution for the unbloggable. Sadly, some people can’t appreciate elegant solutions when they are right in front of them. Congrats on The Big Thing though!!!

Andy gets the Mr. Congeniality Award, for making the best of an injury and Light Duty by visiting his co-workers. Nice!

Also to Andy – the “Narcolepsy Can Be Fun” award for recommending Google Naps! J

To Liz, the “Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?” award for the unwelcome return of Aunt Flo. I hope she takes the hint and leaves.

Finally, to QWP, the “Drum Roll Please” award – the Chapter is done! Yay!

For everyone who is sick again, sleepy, helping out with retreats, cleaning up puke, taking sleep-inducing cold meds, cleaning up the thin coat of yogurt on every surface, or anything else I missed – hang in there pixies. See you next week.


kathy a. said...

Thank you so much for hosting, Sue! Great awards.

And thank you everyone for the love. xoxox

Liz said...

Terrific awards, Sue! Happy birthday to your boy!

kathy a. said...

Yes! Hippo birdie, two ewe!