Thursday, June 4, 2009

Urgent Care Edition

This week’s Theme Prize goes to Madeleine, who announces: "All pixies, please report to Urgent Care, Stat. If you aren't already sick, chances are you will be soon." Sending healing thoughts to all Pixies and their loved ones who are suffering.
Stay Put Award to Esperanza! Pixies fully endorse the orders of the Grandma reinforcements, to keep her butt planted firmly on the couch.
Hello, It’s MY Body Award to Liz, who had an MRI in the hospital and was only told – casually – of a worrisome abnormality when seeing the second doctor post-discharge. The Cluestick Posse has saddled up, and has a few messages for medical personnel. Also hoping the lack of urgency is a good sign.
Ouchy, Ooochie Award to Ucellina, who was la la la just fine until mastitis crept into her right boob, along with chills and the yuckies. Wishing you a quick quick recovery!
Influenza and Bronchitis and OCD, Oh My! Award to Purple Kangaroo, with a critical mass of personal ailments and Other People pontificating on her daughter’s treatment options. Feel better soon! And hooray for the in-laws coming to help tackle some things for you!
Welcome Back and Mazel Tov Award to Debangel, who returns after a small break with an abundance of news: She’s pregnant, and engaged! She has walking pneumonia! And sadly, her dad has Alzheimer’s, and brother problems. Much love, Deb.
Old Skool Award to investigative pixie Amy, who reports: "I'm mad at Florida Natural (the juice company) because the only juice they offer that is, in fact, 100% juice is orange juice. The seven other varieties of Florida Natural juice in the vending machine at my school are all 10-30% juice, the rest High Fructose Corn Syrup. But, I shouldn't complain and I shouldn't doubt. I'm sure they have lush orchards of HFCS trees on their farms."
This Modern World Award to Liz, who complains: "Have to refill out paperwork I filled out a few months ago in an un-saveable format." We have been there and done that.
Incoming Loss of Innocence Award to Madeleine, who reports fine underarm hair and fears the beginning of the end of snuggliness.
Family Angst Award to Sarah at Ratatat, who wonders when her brother will stop pushing her buttons. To which, a chorus of Pixies are nodding their heads, wondering about their own sibs and how to reinforce the boundaries.
Safety First Award to Amy, who must remove a student from her class because he is scaring everyone with violent talk and creepiness. Hope he gets some serious help. But good for you, protecting the other students as well as the sanity of the teachers.
Temporary House of Doom Award to Esperanza, who anticipates not only boxes aplenty in storage, but also no internet. Let’s repeat that: No. Internet. Oh, the humanity....
Congratulations to Sue, who has [cross fingers] worked out a health-preserving solution to the terms of her service!
Thanks to the Pixies thinking supportive thoughts for my daughter. I’d tell her, except that this is my secret hideout, so I’ll just let the good vibes do their work.
See you next week!


Sue said...

Great awards as usual Kathy a.!!!!

amy said...

Thanks to everyone for all the support! Who ever thought that teaching college could be so treacherous? Last semester, it was a bunch of dishonest punks. This semester, it's hockey-crazed creepiness. (When the Red Wings lose, he's exceptionally inclined to teh Violence.) [sigh]

I'm sure there are Penguin fans among the Pixies, so I'll be understanding if some don't take up my cause, but if the Red Wings could just win the Cup, that'd be great. Because if they lose, going to class will be that much more awful.

Angela said...
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purple_kangaroo said...

Aw, thanks for the lovely reward. You know, I did have someone tell me once (as a teen) that I looked like Judy Garland. :)

Liz, I missed your question in the other thread, but yes my SIL's ministry does take donations, thank you! I know that they have a warehouse of donated furniture and household supplies, and that the ministry has a name. I'll see if I can get a website or something for you and e-mail it to you.

Amy, Florida's Natural is the brand of juice we use, and I of course researched it extensively when Baby E had her severe allergies. Their orange and ruby red grapefruit juices do not have sugar added, and I believe the same goes for their apple juice. The calcium in the enriched juice is corn-derived. :)

I'm really disappointed to hear that most of their vending machine products are not 100% juice like their juices in my grocery store are. How annoying!

The FAQs on their website say that the only sugars in their juices are those naturally occurring in the fruit, but obviously those FAQs haven't been updated since they added lemonade to their product line. :)

I would encourage you to e-mail the company. I've found them very responsive to communications, and I do think they listen to their customers. I'm going to e-mail them about it, and I hope others will too.

Madeleine said...

Apologies if this duplicates. I posted but I don't see my comment.

Thank you, kathy, for the marvelous awards ceremony. Glad you liked my theme :-)

P_K, I'm so glad you have your very own posse on the way to save the day!

Amy, I am late to the conversation, but I hope you are getting all the support you need to deal with your scary student. Do what you need to do to keep yourself, the students, and the rest of the staff feeling comfortable.

liz said...

Thank you for my two awards!! But the real ward is having this venue to whine in.