Thursday, June 25, 2009


Amy wins a Style Award for her tribute: "Speaking of Made Of Awesome, Liz - they should bow and declare they aren't worthy, but that would take up the time they need to be out ringing doorbells."

Liz earned the Mrs. Smug Campaigner, Queen of the Doorbells Award for her tireless campaign skillz! Ninety-five doors in one night, folks. SHE'S FIRED UP!!!!!!

Debangel wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her pregnancy lament: "Back in a there a "Zoned for Dairy" award?" Runner up is Liz, who responds: "And speaking from the land of Ginormous, I understand how you're FFeeling."

Remembering What It's All About Awards to our nursing mamas, Amy and Sarah at ratatat. Best with gentle weanings, or not-weanings. And Sarah, crossing fingers that the perfect job comes your way.

Apply Head to Brick Wall Award to Sue, who bore the brunt of a family's anger and quittingness after they (the family) miscommunicated and then blamed the church. Sue also wins an Angel in a Time of Heartache Award, for being there when a family so badly needed her.

Purple Kangaroo wins the SPCA Award for excellent pet care in the face of adversity -- the specific adversity being her crazy neighbor, who is most likely the one who reported her to Animal Control on bogus claims. The Cluestick Posse is once again headed to the neighbor's house. And people, this was just after her father-in-law died! Much love and many hugs, PK.

Miranda shall henceforth be known as She Who Slays the Ants. She shared with us the trick of boiling water, to the awe of many other ant-infested Pixies.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted Award to Elizabeth, who is in a packing / cleaning / organizing whirlwind while her beloved is in a funk for unrelated reasons. Hugs also to Elizabeth, who is understandably shaken after the horrible metro crash. We are glad you are safe, but a bit shaken ourselves.

Intrepid Traveler and Master Ironer Award to Madeleine, who first checked in from the airport before her red-eye, and later reported a major frenzy of ironing name tags into camp clothes, tossing stuff in duffles, locating things still to go in the washer, etc.

Ouchy Toofs Begone Award to JenR, whose sweetie-pie is refusing to eat because of a massive onslaught of new teeth. Poor guy! Passing the popsicles and milkshakes.

Wise Scholar Award to our own wonderful KLee, who is back in college this summer!

Condolences to all those suffering this week from sleeplessness, sleepiness, family relations issues, ants, Ball of Stress jobs, cleaning marathons, failures to communicate, dysfunctional work situations, financial stress, coughing, loss and worry, friends in distress, anxiety, behindness, cleaning other people's pet output and not even getting thanked, those contemplating ant massacres with dreamy expressions on their faces, and co-workers with attitude problems, among other things.

See you next week, when our host will be the talented Dr. Redzils!


Madeleine said...

Should I be reading WW or packing? Or staring out the window at the massive lightning storm?

Lovely ceremony, kathy a. I hope your work is going smoothly and your state budget is resolved one of these days.

liz said...

You are, indeed, the hostess with the mostest.

Madeleine said...

Anti-whine from the Supremes: School officials may not strip-search a 13 year old accused by a peer of having "prescription strength" ibuprofen.

kathy a. said...

lightning storm! well, that goes well with camp prep... /faint/

madeleine, i don't think my state will ever get its act together on the budget. yesterday, the controller said he will stop cutting checks next week, 7/2 -- folks who were counting on the 7/26 cutoff are shit out of luck for the duration. the idiotic 2/3- majority-to-pass-a-budget provision is going to take a constitutional convention to change; and that's not happening by next week. the freakin' LATimes editorialized that we need to bring obama in to fix things!

i want to put on my cranky lady suit and go knock some heads up in sacramento. the "taxes over my dead body" contingent has the collective wisdom of a turnip -- a comparison that is unflattering to turnips.

kathy a. said...

yay, supremes!

kathy a. said...

political/budget anti-whine: i just got the only telephone solicitation that i've appreciated in a long time. they asked me to ask my county supervisor to use some of the federal stimulus money to preserve home health care services, and then hooked me right into his voicemail so i could leave a message!

as it happens, i'm part of a list-serve for caretakers of alzheimer's patients, trying to be connected for when something drastic has to be done about my SIL who has early dementia. these poor folks already are struggling with so much about their loved ones -- many care for parents or spouses in their homes -- and are absolutely terrified about losing the few resources they have. the irony is that home care costs far less than nursing home care, so cutting these services makes no fiscal sense at all.

debangel said...

Yay for Kathy A. for a lovely awards ceremony =)

::high-fives bosom-buddy Liz::

Sue said...

Great awards kathy a. - as always.

JenR said...

Ahh... quick update on my mysterious ants. My son is napping on his crib mattress on the floor behind the couch. Why? Well because that is what happens when baby gets scared after mama screams when she sees a whole bunch of ants on the floor in his bedroom. My mom had to come over and take him for a walk to get him to fall asleep while I moved all the furniture away from the walls and sprayed bug stuff in his room (and the bathroom, hall, laundry room, and basement stairs).

I guess the plus side is that I know where the random ants were coming from. But did it have to be the baby's room? Yuck!