Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was right! It could be worse.

Hi! Your hostess is grumpy today, and this despite the unexpected discovery of more money coming back from My Love's tax return. So you know it is a thoroughly grumpy grump. But no matter. We have more important tasks at hand. Let's begin!

The Insult to Injury Award for esperanza, for the bad fertility treatment outcome this "month" and the poor prospects for scheduling over the next few "months." As kathy a. so stylishly put it, "that suckity suck sucks."

Public Service in the Face of Adversity Awards to both KLee and Sue. For unmanageable students, long work days, and BREAKFAST MEETINGS.

Boy Scout Award (Be Prepared division) to Liz for figuring out that the weekend vacation destination had gone out of business in time to find a replacement.

Great Big Grrrrrrr Award to JenR for the ear tube surgery that wasn't.

The What-Could-Be-Better Crown of Wonder* goes to margalit, because, wow, that was a sucky week. I'm so sorry about your son, and your camera. Even if those are not at all equivalent.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to redzils for "Redzils is a victim of her craigslist success."

Warm washcloths to all the pixies and pixie kids with allergic eyes, and peace unto you all. See you next week, when kathy a. hosts and amy promises us whines about grading ducks.

*Fashioned from those giant piles of dirt on top of your perennials.


amy said...

May the grumpies pass quickly. :)

kathy a. said...

oh, you're good when you're grumpy! wonderful ceremony, madeleine.

Genevieve said...

Great ceremony, Madeleine!

Amy, glad the website made you laugh!

Sue said...

Great awards madeleine!

esperanza said...

Why thank you for top billing!

And for the inquiring minds: reschedule niece's birthday it is. We're getting back on the horse, so it's Packing! Now with More Hormones!

Liz Miller said...