Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jeepers Creepers, it's Wednesday Whining

Welcome back to Wednesday Whining. As usual, all whines are welcome, from the little things that you'd be embarrassed to complain about anywhere else (old skool whines) to the big things that make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Anti-whines are allowed, but not required; verse always gets our attention (and might win you a style award).

Please don't use the "anonymous" option that blogger allows -- but feel free to adopt a pseudonym, either for ongoing use or as a one-shot deal when you've got a whine that's just too personal to have floating around the internet with your name attached (long live Itchbay Snorglemuffin!)

NO HARRY POTTER SPOILERS!!! If you need to whine about the content of Deathly Hallows, go to Phantom's spoiler thread. (Feel free to whine here about how tired you are from staying up to read it, or how unfair it is that you haven't had a chance to read it, or sick you are of everyone talking about it.)

Everyone is encouraged to lend support, pass the chips, and nominate prizes in comments.


S. said...


Anti-whine: Our Harry Potter launch went amazingly well!

Whine: umm, no, I'm not going to dilute that one with a whine.

Phantom Scribbler said...

The next time I suggest staying up all night for reasons that are voluntary, somebody whack me upside the head, would you? Sleep deprivation, I did not handle you well when I was 17, and I haven't gotten any more skilled at it in the past 20 years.

On that note. I must take my whines and follow my children to bed.

(Because they JUST went to sleep. Three minutes ago. Which is a whine, you betcha.)

Liz Miller said...

Whine: I have nothing to read. Waaahhh!

Anonymous said...

I am a massive stress ball due to prep for my conference paper, research, the expense of traveling in London, and the fact that I lost my Driver's License for the first time (and due to UPDATED technology, it takes more time than it used to to replace a lost license.)

I've been stressing because I just moved, but need proof of address for my research. And I've been stressing and stressing over how to get it.

But now I feel stupid, because it looks like using the address that I just moved from will be fine -- after all, I just moved from one unit to another in the same building.

Anti-whine: I have a really good friend who I had a lovely phone conversation with last night, and it's really helpful to have someone else remind me that I am a stressbunny perfectionist.

debangel said...

Liz, if you come over to shop with me, I will lend you plenty of books to read =)

Whine: stoopid Typepad down for hours today so I didn't get my "Weird Wednesday" post written until just now (I wanted to post it by this afternoon, evening EST)

Whine: am stoopider than Typepad, because I could at least have written it in Word first, and copied and pasted!

Antiwhine: got some super-cool shoes on Zappos last night by pricematching with Endless. $14.48 shipped, baby! Hey Liz, are you a size 9??

Future antiwhine: I can has pixies over to play? Weird Wednesday's contest of the week is up on my blog...come on over!

(Phantom...hope you're having a nice dreamless catch-up sleep!)

Miranda said...

One more day of Most Wretched Class EVER. I can't decide if that is whine or anti-whine.

My big anti-whine is that I have running water tonight.

Phantom, my boys are still awake. They ain't gonna sleep, no way. I blame HP.

Congrats on the launch, S!

Jane Dark, I hope your license comes soon. It is hard to be without id.

Liz, I hate being stuck wanting to read but with no new reading material nearby. Or at least no acceptable reading material nearby.

Debangel, that is a great deal on shoes.

Anonymous said...

I have no real whine this week, so I am just here for hugs and high fives for everyone else.

I do have an anti-whine: Our new used car that we have owned for 5 days overheated and had the alternator light go on Saturday. We had to park it and walk 4 miles home in the 105 degree heat, with the kids. I was crushed. Here's the anti-whine part, I called my best friend crying about how I was cursed and everything was wrong in my life and I knew this car needed a new engine ... and her husband came and picked up my husband, went to the car and fixed the very easy repair of a broken belt for $38. I may be cursed, but I have friends who aren't. Wahoo!

KLee said...

No whines for me so far, other than my daughter keeps stalling going to bed.

Phantom -- I am so with you on the sleep deprivation. I still haven't caught up, and can't seem to wind down for hours.

Jane Dark: sorry about your driver's license, though I'll offer to take the London trip for you. You know -- doing my bit to help a friend out. :)

Miranda -- that sounds like an anti-whine to me. One last day of Most Annoying Class Ever should be a good thing.

Liz Miller said...

Debangel, I'm a size 7.5 usually (though the polka-dot pair is an 8).

I vote for a whining pixie summer shopping spree.

New York?

Let's do it, people!

Jane Dark said...

Hee! Thanks, KLee, for reminding me that anyone who is going to London probably doesn't have *that* much to whine about.

The license won't come in time. But as I have at least 3 other pieces of photo ID that I am running around with, it should be alright. It just seems absurd to me that the system takes far longer because of improvements.

Phantom, I hope you get some sleep.

And Miranda, good luck with that last day of class.

S. said...

Philly, Liz?

We split the difference b/t DC and NYC quite nicely!

S. said...

Oh, and Miranda, thanks!

Unknown said...

Whine: The Weekly World News is going under. Next week is the last week. Whatever am I going to read online in the supermarket. How could this happen? Where will I get my up to date news about Bigfoot and Batboy?

Whine: If someone doesn't whack some sense into my son within the next few days, he is going to FAIL his entire school year because he refuses to make up his missing work, due on the last day of July. He will not do it. I'm so depressed and angry with him I'm about to murder him.

Whine: I have to read a book for a review site that looks so horrible I can't imagine plowing through it. Why do I do this? Because I need the frigging money.

Whine: test results back from last weeks Dr Appt. Cholesterol up to 209 ON statins. It was way down and then rocketed up higher than it ever way. LDL was 138. I'm bummed. My freaking insurance CO insists that I take Zocor, which isn't working, instead Lipitor. Cheap bastids.

Blood sugars was ok, hemoglobin was borderline, liver function stabile but I now have a Vitamin D deficiency. Mine was 10, normal range is 30-57. Lovely. I need sun.

Whine: no food in house. Today I ate one slice of bread, 2 bananas, and 1 nectarine. There is nothing edible left.

Whine: Worthless pet has fleas.

Antiwhine: Harry Potter... say no more.

Antiwhine: My daughter continues to be delightful as she and I watch her brother deteriorate.

Antiwhine: we have a family of bunnies in our woods who come onto the lawn to say hello. They are SO cute and have no fear of Worthless Pet who is too fat and old to out run them.

Antiwhine: I am not going to Blogher and couldn't be happier about it. No air kisses, no hugs, no boob pinching. Yahoo!

Antiwhine: Blogathon is coming up this weekend and I still haven't thought of a theme. Any help would be SO appreciated. Please. ANY help.... oh, and sponsorship. That would be good too.

Antiwhine: Am getting some really great breads this week out of my bread machine. I think I've got that machine licked, finally.

kathy a. said...

waaaa! i'm out of town at the hearing from hell. it is 12:30 a.m., and i just finished a brief for tomorrow, and i got up at 5:30 a.m. yesterday/today to start working. i don't do those hours well, not anymore.

hugs to everyone, i'm going to bed now.

Susan Anne MacKenna said...

Whine: I must leave in 15 minutes to go finish the bar examination. Yesterday was seriously the most intellectually challenging day I've ever had in my life - 8 hours of writing essays on law. Oh. Holy. Hell. My brain still hurts, and I have to go back and take more test today. Even worse, today is multiple choice day. Can I begin to underscore the level of temptation I have to Christmas-Tree the scantrons today, and then skip out to start HP?

Antiwhine: It's only 6 hours today. I'm 2/3 of the way done already.

Antiwhine II: A dear friend brought Mr. Mac and me a yummy lasagna, salad and dessert for dinner last night. I love dear friends.

Antiwhine III: Tonight, I go get Little Miss S back from my parents. Tomorrow, Miss M returns from two weeks in Ireland with Grandma Mac.

Antiwhine IV: Nobody has spoiled HP for me. I've decided to start by skimming Book V tonight, then continuing with VI tomorrow. I'll probably not get to book VII until I hit the beach next week, which is fine with me.

Antiwhine VI: I figured out yesterday that I won't find out the pass/fail on the bar until late October, at which point I'll have my new daughter, and I just won't care either way. So hooray!

Antiwhine VII: No stress-induced problems with the pregnancy. Looks like we'll all make it through the damnbar healthy, albeit quite cranky.

Y'all have a nice day. Off to color in dots! :D

Jenevieve said...

Hey, pixies! Anyone want some pimento cheese or brownies?

Whine: Bronchitis, combined with Huge Baby All Up On My Lungs-itis, is making teh breathing, well, difficult. Lame.

Whine: I hate studying for resits! Why, why did I fail the easiest exam?

Antiwhine: SO glad I passed the hardest exam, the one 60% of the class failed, which will entail 8 hours of resit exams. Ouch.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Jeni, well, at least you failed an easy one!!! :)

Hugs all around to the pixies, especially those afflicted with the bar and/or sleeplessness.

I have a whine and anti-whine all in one:

I think my advisor has been taken over by the brain-eating aliens.

Anonymous said...

Overall, it has been an anti-whone week.
Antiwhine: despite improbable odds, unreasonable demands, and general incompetence, my parents' house is going to sell. Next Tuesday. Expect major whine if this goes awry.

Whine: I have set up housewarming for me new house to be in a month. And now that I am no longer pregnant---thank you to all of you for the sympathy last week. It helped. It generally feels awkward to bring up the loss and it was nice to have it known and move forward, a little---I am planning to paint several rooms in the house. I hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew.

Whine: My son has a summer cold. My daughter might too. Let's hope it is a short one.

Whine: I am using that sealer trim for the bathtub and it doesn't want to stick very well. I knew it wouldn't, thus I caulked under it. But not enough I guess. And I really like to shower, so I hope it is good enough for a shower or two.
Antiwhine: HP7.

Aliki2006 said...

My big whine is that I feel like I must be the only one on the planet who has NOT finished reading The Book yet, even though I got a copy on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Whine: Someone freakin' tried to break into our house last night while DH was gone. Still slightly freaked out.

Whine: Finally healed from the 3 wisdom teeth being removed, ChaosGirl kindly shares her cold with me that ends up being strep that knocks me out for 4 days.

Whine: Retiring committee member is completely bailing on my and not finishing out my exams. At the moment I have no one to replace him as the person who was going to replace him for the long term is going on sabbatical starting next week and can't deal with my exams either. I was supposed to write this last section on the 8th but I don't have a full committee and therefore I don't have approved questions. Just shoot me now please.

Anti-whine: Oreo flavored pudding cups

Whine: In order to deal with the mess that is exams and diss proposal I am giving my fall crochet class teaching assignment to a friend of mine.

Whine: I revamped my fall research course to include more writing and now find out the class is full with one on the wait list. I so will not have time to grade all of that adequately and now need to figure out how to scale it back and still make it useful. And - BTW it's not full because it's popular. It's full because it's required. The program is just getting bigger which means classes that didn't used to fill are now filling.

Anti-whine: Stripy Cat who was diagnosed with crystals in her urine a couple of weeks ago and has been peeing randomly on all sorts of things seems to be feeling better. She'll go back to the vet's for check next week but I'm hopeful I won't have to keep following her around to make sure she doesn't pee anywhere but the litter box.

robin andrea said...

I still have a rash that covers me from neck to ankles. I've had it since december. When I consult with Dr. Internets, I find that it can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, which seems reasonable to the one site that said it could last FOUR years. WTF? The only intervention offered to me by a dermatologist is Prednisone. I don't think of prednisone as medicine, I think of it as weird poison. It is contraindicated for people who have osteoporosis (hello, that's me), and prone to depression (yup, me again). I am using OTC anti-itch lotions, and have started wrapping my legs and arms in ace bandages so I don't shred my skin at night when I'm sleeping. No known cause, no known cure. Pure f*cking hell.

When this is finally over, I will be covered in dark spots, which will take years to fade.

Anonymous said...

My whine is the same as Liz'- I have nothing to read!!!!

This is not strictly true as a I have a biography about Vera Atkins (Spymistress during WWII) but I only understand about every third sentence. It's like an editor took out the rest of the sentences that would make it possible for me to understand. The concept of a paragraph as I learned it, with topic sentence, exposition, and conclusion-y ending-- that's not here. Which would be fine if I was voluntarily reading something post-modern. But this is a biography. It's supposed to be simple. It makes me feel dumb. So I need something else to read. Harry Potter took up a couple of days - I tried to stretch it out to make it last (YES, I was one of those kids who still had Halloween candy months later). BUT. Now it's done (whine within a whine: I hate that it's all over, HP was SUCH fun to look forward to!).

So I have to get my lazy bum to a bookstore. Hmmm, maybe I have built up credit and will even be able to get a free-ish book. Anti-whine! I heart my local bookstore, Common Good Books (owned by Garrison Keeler!).

The History Enthusiast said...

Whine: My whine is kind of serious: my dad may have prostate cancer, but the stupid specialist can't fit him in until late August. So me and my fam have to wait four friggin' weeks to find out? WTF?

Anti-whine: My grandmother, uncle and aunt have all responded well to their chemo, and now appear cancer free (cross your fingers that the cancer doesn't come back).

Anonymous said...

Whine: Google logs me in to Blogger with my real name. So I have to log out in order to use the name I am known by here. It's not hard, just annoying.

Whine #2: The guy at work who was supposed to help me with my project as of two months ago has successfully manipulated himself out of doing any of the work. So it's all back to me.

Antiwhine: I finished my parts of it two days early. My boss's boss is impressed. Hopefully he will remember that at review time. (Since last year, my review consisted of: "Um, well, I don't have anything for you to improve on. But [boss's boss] doesn't like you. Sorry."

Anonymous said...

Whine: weird electrical problem at home. Weird plumbing problem at work. I'm starting to feel cursed.

Whine: Maybe 33 is too old to be pregnant? I'm soooo tired.

Antiwhine: Fabulous brother-in-law and family brought us their baby stuff (like the big, expensive stuff) this weekend. Woo hoo! No shopping!

Whine: Rain. For days. It's summer, it's not supposed to rain.

Antiwhine: at least it isn't hot.

a/k/a Nadine said...

Votes for Robin Andrea. Rashes from hell always get my sympathy.

Anti-whine: My construction started yesterday. New familyroom and second bath, I can see you!

No whines at the moment. If that changes, you know I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Turtlebella, which one are you reading? I read part of 'A Life in Secrets', which is very good and comprehensible to boot, but so depressing that I put it down after 30 pages.

S. said...

Turtlebella, Maybe Rowling's next series will be set in an American graduate program. That would be good for 12 or 15 years, at least.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

(((History Enthusiast)))

I'm reversing the whine that I've been whining for a week: while I've been whining lately that it's been cold and dark outside when it should be summertime, now I'm whining that it's sunny and nice outside! Yes, I feel fully entitled to whine that. And why? Because it's harder to get work done when it's nice outside! All I want to do is go to the beach, or loll about reading fun books on the lawn. And I really can't read about nineteenth-century Italian socialism while lolling. (I should know: I tried it yesterday and only got half a book read, instead of two books.)

Also: Could someone please have tatooed on my hand, "I'm sorry, but no. I'm really busy and you're going to have to find a way to manage on your own." Because it never seems to occur to me that I can say that. And now I've volunteered to ferry to Vancouver to look at some apartments for some friends who are moving there in the fall. (Because they can't afford to fly there and look at apartments themselves, and have had bad luck with trying to rent a place over the phone.) But I'm really stressed out about this, and I don't have much time, but don't know how to get out of this. And so I whine.

Andy said...

My apartment has decided that hot water and high water pressure are luxuries I simply do not need. Showers are endless torment, and it takes 2 hours to fill a sink to do dishes.

I'd call the landlord to complain again, but then I'd have to go through the business of hiding my cat. Instead, I think I'll just move. Finally gives me an excuse to throw away all this stuff I don't need, anyway.

KLee said...

I've changed my mind. I do have a whine after all. I'm on a diet. Of course, the reason that I'm on a diet is that I have sucked small children and a couple of satellites into my gravitational orbit.

You know, I ate maybe twice a day while NOT on a diet, and was never really hungry. Now that I'm actually limiting myself to a certain amount, I feel like I'm a voracious tiger, and I can't get enough to eat.

Fireplacing diet.

Yankee T said...

Whine to be sung to the tune of
"Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?"
Won't you come on, my A/C?
Won't you come on?
I sweat the whole night lo-ong.
I've done the cooking honey,
It's hot as hell,
Can't find my old saro-ong.
You remember that one cool evening,
I turned you off
While heading upstairs to the john?
I know I'm to blame,
Now ain't it a shame?
My A/C won't you please come on...

S. said...

I hope everyone will excuse my complete lack of humility as just the result of my first-moderator-to-see-it duty. Just so's everyone knows, if you goof on anonymity, you *should* be able to delete the comment yourself! Copy the comment first to repost.

Now I'm reposting this on Turtlebella's behalf:

Sheila-- howling with laughter about American graduate school Rowling series!!! This would be great, so much to say, soooo many years to cover, so many evil committee members to curse! (personally, a magic curse or two would have been useful dealing with mine own committee, I had to rely on good old anglo-saxon curses!

Anonymous said...

Votes for robin andrea (the Itchy and Scratchy Show Award?), Yankee T (oh do I empathize with you, our A/C was out earlier this summer - I wish you the joy of coolness coming through the vent once again! plus a style award for your terrific song), devilmacdawg (but hey, the damnbar will be OVER when awards are posted, and you'll be reading HP!), sleepycat, the history enthusiast, and kathy a.

Whine: I have a hearing at the end of the week. Which means I have to wear a suit. I have no suits that fit. I will be wearing a too-tight skirt where I may not button the button, and it better stay up. Or I'll extend the button with a rubber band. The jacket should cover either, but still, YEESH. This is the low thyroid weight (thyroid came back up, weight hasn't come off) plus depression eating plus stress eating weight. Not good.

Scrivener said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Votes for YT--we were in the same hot boat last week. No fun.

And a vote for Scrivener, because that whine sounds monumental.

S. said...

Ah, Scriv, that bites!

Liz Miller said...

Votes to all test takers and people being screwed by the educational "man".

Also a major vote to Scrivener. I don't know what's made this the day from Hell, but I hope that whatever it is can be fixed without tearing at your psyche too much.

Elevated risk of mullet should go to KLee for the words: "Of course, the reason that I'm on a diet is that I have sucked small children and a couple of satellites into my gravitational orbit."

And YT, I love you.

Phantom Scribbler said...


I'm here with the old skool.

1. LG. I am either going to send him to his room for the rest of his life, or I'm going to send him to military school. Non-authoritarian parenting styles work on him only as well as the parent-er enjoys being ignored, disputed, or generally ordered around himself. Is summer vacation over yet?

2. Pull-ups that leak: the worst of all possible potting training worlds? Discuss.

3. It has just taken me 48 minutes to print out SEVEN damn pieces of paper. That includes 5 paper jams, 3 on-off cycles, and 6 wasted pieces of paper.

Unknown said...

YT, that is the funniest song parody you've done so far. I nominate you for the style award, for sure.

Unknown said...

Robin Andrea, oy vey, that's so awful. I feel so bad for you. What if you try the prednisone just for a while and see if it helps and if your depression doesn't worsen? I have depression also, from time to time, and I know what kind of hell that is as well. But the skin thing? You have WAY more endurance than I do. I would be banging on the Drs. office door, yelling "Shoot me up with the prednisone NOW!"

Scrivener said...

I'm going to replace the earlier vague whine with a more concrete one. I've been playing phone tag with these public defenders for my brother for almost a week now. I finally finally finally got hold of the top mental illness court public defender in my brother's county and she told me that my brother is not facing charges of aggravated battery but of attempted murder in the first degree, with a potential sentence of life in prison. On a normal day, I would have maintained my equilibrium better and known that it had to be a mistake, but today I totally freaked.

After I calmed down a bit and called around, I discovered that it's a simple case of mistaken identity.

Now I need to start calling the public defenders again.

Elizabeth said...

Hugs to History Enthusiast, Devilmacdawg, and Scrivener. Scriv, given how bad a month you've had already, I can't imagine what's going on.

My whines: I have a crick in my neck. Not sure why. I'm tired, from having stayed up too late reading first HP and then Case Histories. And my cat is slowly dying, and becoming increasingly unpleasant (mean and crapping all over the place) in the process, but is still spunky enough that it doesn't feel right to put her to sleep.

Unknown said...

Scrivener gets my vote for the most heart attack inducing whine of the week. Oh my gawd, I would have fallen over dead had I heard what the PD told you about your bro. Mental illness SUCKS, I tell you!

Liz Miller said...

Scrivener, WTF? Holy heart attack, Batman.

Anonymous said...

I have the opposite problem as Liz: plenty to read, but no time to do it! I'm in the midst of The Omnivore's Dilemma, which, yes, is angst-inducing but also fascinating, as well as a new memoir called Practically Perfect, written by the editor of Brain, Child about her attempt to improve her life via the American way: self-help programs! It's funny and self-aware and very enjoyable. But yet there is this job of mine... and this child of mine... and all this aimless Internet surfing to do. And somehow no time to read.

My votes for Robin Andrea and Scriv, as well as an old skool vote for Margalit and the demise of the Weekly World News.

debangel said...

Scriv, what Liz I think whoever gave you the wrong info (and nearly gave you a coronary instead) should win the "elevated risk of MALLET" award.

Robin, I had head-to-toe enormous hives as an allergic reaction once, and there was these tablets called Domeboro that you dissolve in the bathtub that gave a lot of relief. If it would make you feel better, how about a "Life's an Itch and Then You Die" award??

Whine: I ate half of my 2 year-old's bakery (read:huge) chocolate-chip cookie. While she was sleeping. I am a BAD mommy! Also, apparently afraid that she would have a similar reaction to mine if I stole the chocolate while she was awake.

Antiwhine: My "Weird at Work" contest is getting entries!! Woohoo!! Anybody else wanna come check it out?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Big, big votes and hugs for Scrivener. I don't know how I would handle that sort of news, even after figuring out that it had been a mistaken identity.

Anti-whine: I'm going to call it a day after having read one book (instead of two) and now I'm going to take a walk and then bake some banana bread. Anyone want some?

purple_kangaroo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

sheila-- you too nice, thanks!

i like the elevated risk of mallet award for the public defender that scriv talked to!!! ay yay ay! That's some 'mistake' and like you need that on top of it all!

also gingerly hugs to robin andrea, such that don't aggravate the itchiness...

purple_kangaroo said...

We'd hired a sitter,
Planned a date.
To celebrate marriage
Year number eight.

There was a film
We wanted to see.
We were tired from days
Of sleepless Baby E.

Though E was fussy
And sleepless and tired,
We knew she could handle it--
The sitter we'd hired.

We anticipated
How nice it would be
To take ourselves out
For a kid-free movie.

Then up in the night
Until the dawn broke
With not one, but two
Of the kids who awoke.

While Baby E fussed
And squirmed in her pain,
AJ cried loudly,
"Mom, I need you again!"

"My head, ow, it hurts,
And I feel awfully hot.
I hurt all over,
Oh, please make it stop."

By morning, I'd had
About two hours' sleep.
But AJ was better--
Our date we could keep?

Then M started whining
And A joined on cue,
"My head hurts, I'm tired,
And my throat hurts too."

The verdict was in.
We canceled the sitter.
Dinner got burned;
The steak tough and bitter.

But the kids all slept
Early and well
Leaving us with
Some time to kill.

So what did we do
To celebrate
Our great and marvelous
Year number eight?

We cleaned the house.
Oh, yes, we did.
We talked and scrubbed
When the sun hid.

Hours past midnight
We collapsed between sheets,
Too tired to move--
And went to sleep.

purple_kangaroo said...

Antiwhine: DH's dad did NOT die last week, although it was touch and go there for a while. He's home from the hospital.

Whine: At this point, it's only a matter of time . . .

Anonymous said...

Wow, new whining digs, how cool! I've been away WAY too long, clearly.

Whine the first: I have 3/4 of 29 exams to grade, ideally by tomorrow morning so I can get out of here (my summer teaching gig location).

Whine the second: I actually really LIKE my summer teaching gig location. It's frickin' gorgeous here and you can actually walk around by yourself at night without fear for your life. I'd work here in a hearbeat, and kinda don't really want to leave.

Whine the third: being away from Former College City has made abundantly clear to me how much I HATE that place. (Or to quote the Plain White Tees: "Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don't like you.")

Antiwhine the first: the exams are actually going pretty quickly. Um, when I'm not commenting on blogs, that is.

Antiwhine the second: since this is over, presumably I will get all the moolah they promised me for it soon.

Antiwhine the third: the director guy said we don't have to clean our housing before we go! (though out of politeness I plan to vacuum cat hair and wipe away most of the intimate-dirt muck of the bathroom.)

Antiwhine the fourth: moving away from Former College City is imminent! Okay, that's kind of a whine because I'll have to pack, clean, and haul all kinds of heavy crap around. But soon I will be free of that place and living with LDH again! (assuming he doesn't kill me over the moving. The good mover, that is not so much me.)

jackie said...

Scrivener, how awful. You and your brother are in my thoughts.

Sleepycat, that's terrible-- I have a serious phobia of the house being broken into! Makes me shiver just to think of it, it's such a violating experience.

Anonymous said...

It has happened. My three year old has finally stumbled on every parent's weakness: the repetition of a single word that can make an adult lose her mind.

The word in question this night? "Uh-oh."
How important is it that I have quiet so I can concentrate on work stuff? Very.
How likely is it she'll stop any time soon? Not very.
Is there anywhere in this house to escape her constant refrain? No.

Uh-oh, indeed.

purple_kangaroo said...

Amy, it must be contagious: my nearly-2-year-old has been saying "Oopsy-daisy" a lot lately--just because she likes the sound of it.

I vote for Scriv for the "give me a heart attack" award.

purple_kangaroo said...

Phantom, I'm with you on the hating pull-ups that leak. DH keeps putting Baby E in pull-ups for bedtime. Half the time she wakes up the next morning soaked.

The upside of this, I suppose, is that this morning I woke to the sound of her cheerfully calling, "Doh potty! Doh potty!"

Rev Dr Mom said...

Big votes for Scrivner--what the fireplace? That's just an awful mistake to make.

And for Robin Andrea. That just sounds really awful.

Anonymous said...

Many votes for Scrivner.

Savvi said...

Whine: Our aged bathrooms are aged. The master tub has no finish left to the bottom, so all the Tilex in the world will not remove the skank of soap scum.

I know this because I conducted yet another experiement. I do not bathe in the master bathroom. I bathe in the hall bathroom. My husband is the only one using the master bath tub/shower.

Does he notice the skanky soap scum building up? He does not. Does he wipe the hairs from the drain? he does not. Is he blind? No.

What? A Y chromosome makes you unable to pick up a fireplacing sponge?

Julia said...

definitely votes for Scriviner. Wow, just wow.

Whine: Husband being a complete ass. Of passive-aggressive variety. I just can't handle that right now.

No antiwhine...

KLee said...

My vote for whine of substance goes to Scrivener. Scriv, if you need us, we make a right nice posse. I got the tube sock full of wood screws and a Yoko Ono album, and I'm in the mood to *torture* someone!

I LOVE the suggestion that whoever misinformed gets the "Elevated Risk of Mallet" award, and props to Debangel for coining that one.

KLee said...

Oh, and a giant round of applause for our hostess, Elizabeth!

Sue said...

I'm coming in late to the ball, so belated group pixie hug to everyone.

Votes for Robin Andrea and Scrivener (Holy Moly!).

Style votes for Yankee T.

Great idea vote for Sheila for suggesting Rowling's next book series. That would be tooooo funny!

No whines of substance this week. Just the usual headache crap. I'm trying to commit my 'happy place' visualization exercise to memory so that I can do my deep breathing and visualization without referring to my notes. The problem is that when my head is really bad and I'm trying very hard not to vomit - it is REALLY hard to recall the happy place.

I knew I wasn't doing well the other night when I said "Fireplace the fireplacing happy place! I fireplacing HURT!" Perhaps I need to review this whole process with my therapist. *sigh*

Anti-whine: I'm almost finished HP7 and no one has spoiled it for me. Yay!!!

Sweet dreams Phantom!