Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day:

Discuss.  We never have done anything fancy.  I don't get it when I hear jewelry commercials -- why would that be important to a celebration of love?  Flowers, I'll accept, though, because they make me happy.

True story:  35 years ago I was busy on Valentine's day, but saw my new boyfriend [current beloved] the next day.  And he brought two little bouquets of flowers he had picked, "one for today and one for yesterday."  Cute, no?

This week:  albatross.  Hoping to make progress in the next 10 days.

Old business:  Oh, Esperanza.  Not the plague!

What's new?


Sue said...

Aw, that's a sweet Valentine story kathy a. We also don't fuss about Valentine's Day.

Hope the plague is on its way out of town esperanza. Ugh.

Today was my regular appointment for the "feet in the stirrups, please" procedure. My doc and his nurse are the best. They know how uncomfortable this day can be and they do everything possible to make it less so. Warm instruments, light banter, a few questions and done. I'm so grateful to both of them - they are a great team.

W: When i got home, I discovered that a friend had posted on the book of faces that she has been diagnosed with the fireplacing cancer. She encouraged everyone to get all the tests - even the ones that are inconvenient and uncomfortable.

kathy a. said...

Oh, Sue. So sorry about your friend. Fireplacing cancer. xoxo

esperanza said...

Fireplacing cancer.

Fireplacing lice. Sweet has them too. I had Giant Albatross meeting today, so she went to school anyway. And she'll go tomorrow too. I'm just too overwhelmed and tired to be concerned with the common good right now.

Giant Albatross meeting went well, but it was a 13 hour day with the committee. We are all exhausted.

Sue said...

Fireplacing lice!!! Ugh. Apparently, the little beasts in this part of the country have built up a resistance to the usual shampoo treatments. The schools are having a dreadful time of it - not to mention the parents!

13 HOUR MEETING!!!! No. Just no. That's wrong.

On the other hand, I just registered for our winter meeting of Presbytery, which is one 12 hour day and an 8 hour day to follow, so I'm hardly one to talk. :(

esperanza said...

Yeah. Albatross #2 is a search committee to hire someone. Committee members travel long distances (5 hrs) to attend, so we feel like we need to make it worth the trip. We did a Skype interview yesterday with one person, and a four-hour face-to-face meeting with each of two others. Our "break times" were mostly spent in debriefing and spending yet more time/energy on Complication Man.

My hotel room is very quiet.

I told a friend that I do not have enough cuss words to express adequately how I am feeling about the lice situation. She offered to say them all on my behalf. That's real friendship.

kathy a. said...

I'd be happy to join the cuss chorus, too. Yuck on lice!

Don't even know what to say about the 13 hour day. And the 4 hour interviews give me the vapors.

Sue said...

The quiet hotel room sounds nice, though. :)

kathy a. said...

Last night: Senior cat by my feet until 4:30 a.m.; then junior cat got jealous and moved in during the bathroom break. No, they do not care to sleep together. It's all Dowager Grantham vs. an upstart commoner. Or something.

Esperanza, so sorry about the additional lice. Do you know parents of curly-haired kids who might have advice for Sweet?

Yes, I should be doing productivity aplenty, productivity galore this week. But alas! The week's still young; maybe things will turn around.

esperanza said...

I asked my curly haired friend, who caught them from her little sister multiple times. I think I have a game plan.

esperanza said...

AW: Sweet did not have *near* as many lice and nits as her sister. Massive amounts of conditioner aided in the combing out process, and it wasn't as horrible as I had imagined.

W: Seriously. I'm combing out three heads of hair everyday now. Not my idea of fun.

esperanza said...

W, Old Skool: I am elbow-deep in lice combing. Doorbell rings. Mini goes to look out the window. It's the Girl Scouts, selling cookies. But I can't exactly drop what I'm doing. This is the first time they've come to my house the entire 7 years we've lived here. :(

liz said...

Send out an email to your neighborhood saying you couldn't come to the door, but you really do want to buy cookies, can you hit anyone up for them?

kathy a. said...

Or check out where the girls are selling next weekend. Around here, that's mostly supermarkets -- though I think they score well at hardware stores.

Quiche night. Not a real crust; using cracked wheat in the bottom with some olive oil and butter. Filling is onion, mushroom, a little pancetta, garlic, chopped spinach, spices -- with a tiny bit of the lemon sauce from the chicken that's all gone now. Mozz and cheddar layers. Eggs; half and half. Kept it on the wet side, in hopes of cooking the wheat that isn't really a crust.

esperanza said...

AW: Oh, hey, I tried something new yesterday and liked it (yes, unusual enough to comment on it). One of my Albatross colleagues arranged our lunch plans, at a Thai restaurant. I have historically avoided Asian food of all types. We never ate it when I was growing up, and when I've tried it (usually Chinese), it didn't appeal to me. So when my colleague said we were going to a Thai place, I was not so excited. But it was delicious. I already want to go back.

And a semi-funny: our supper was at a Mediterranean place (that I would actually say was more Middle Eastern, but potato potahto). Funny, because we were in a city famous for Tex-Mex and/or straight up Mexican food. Our applicants were probably expecting enchiladas.

Sue said...

Yay for trying new food! Mmmmm....Thai food. Hubby makes his own red curry paste during the brief season when we can get fresh hot red peppers. He freezes it so we can enjoy it all year. Yum!

Kittens are at the Bad Hospital Place today for their spays. They were NOT happy with me and sang that song of their people in the car. The good news is that our Pudgy Kitten Plan is working. One is 5.4 lb and the other is 6.5. They're doing so well, we might have to end the high-growth food soon.

kathy a. said...

Mmm, thai food!

Poor kittehs. Know exactly the song of which you speak.

liz said...



Rally for ERA on the 16th. I am putting together a bus from my area so that lots of folks can use it to go down to State Capitol to make noise. I am not going with them because Mr. Spock is getting cataract surgery.

Bus is $575. I've put down a deposit. Folks have agreed to chip in (yay).

Weather now says we are expecting precipitation on Tuesday the 16th. Ice. Pellets. No. Just NO.

esperanza said...

Oh no, Liz! Prayers to the weather gods!

AW: MAJOR progress on Albatross #2. Complication Man issue finally resolved (in our minds anyway, not if in his). Small complications still to resolve, but major progress today.

kathy a. said...

Oh, no, Liz!

Esperanza -- good job, albatross people!

Sue said...

Oh, Liz - sending good weather vibes your way!!!!

Yay, esperanza and the Albatross team. Good work!!

Kittens are home. They did well today and are surprisingly scampy. The vet tech that did their discharge paperwork with me said they might be sluggish and tired. Um, not so much. They may still be feeling the effects of the Happy Drugs. Time will tell...

kathy a. said...

Go, kittehs! Our experience is that kittens recover very quickly. They are probably beside themselves to be back home!

AW: Good lunch with 2 friends. One, I have known forever (2d grade?). The other has a crazy family, which is always reassuring to hear about. It's not just me!

AW: All pre-registered for the surgery next week. The registration person looked up my co-pay, and I almost fell right over. $15!

Oy. Today's adventure in dementia-land: My SIL's facility called, and she's good -- not agitated, good demeanor, not falling. But she's been talking about her son, and she loves him and wants to see him (which she hasn't in years). And she isn't tearing up the photos he sends any more. So they wanted to see if he can come visit.

The major fly in the ointment is that she thinks her son lives with Ex # 1 (not the boy's father), and she also thinks that Ex # 1 is coming to pick her up so they can go live in an apartment, with her son.

I could see a visit going really badly if Ex # 1 doesn't show up (as he won't), or if anybody mentions that her teen son lives with his own actual father. She has said hideous things about her boy in the past, while agitated. It's the disease, but you know, a kid shouldn't hear those things. Bleah.

esperanza said...

Remind me how old her son is? If not for the dementia, I would almost suspect that she is saying she wants to see her son as a way to manipulate ex #1 into coming. But from what you describe, she doesn't have that kind of strategic thinking capacity. In any case, I think you have to do what's best for the son at this point. Assuming you can figure that out.

kathy a. said...

Son is 15. I think her mental image is 5-7, even though she is now accepting the recent photos. When she last saw him in person, he was almost 9, and she brought an entire trunkful of stuffed animals and preschool toys -- after failing for an entire year to call him or to arrange a supervised visit.

SIL does not really have strategic capacity, but she is ALWAYS fixed on wanting to see the first ex. Somehow her son has been worked into the mental love story with first ex (not his father).

This is really my beloved's decision -- but I have some serious reservations. Someone suggested that maybe the boy send her a video message; and an exchange of videos might be good, so he can see how she is without any danger of her acting out.

kathy a. said...

If anyone missed the backstory, my SIL's kind of early onset dementia involves serious issues with behavior, mood, judgment -- it is not the "grandma forgets things but she's still so sweet" kind of dementia. The frontal lobes -- you want those parts intact if possible.

kathy a. said...

AW: My sister's ultrasound came up clean. Whew!

esperanza said...

Yippee on the ultrasound!

I think the video exchange sounds good. Then there can be multiple takes in case something gets said that shouldn't be

Anonymous said...

Yay on the ultrasound!
How about Skype for the visit, monitored closely on son's end. Simple disconnect button....? just a thought
--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

I'm so glad about the ultrasound, kathy a!!! Yay!!

The video exchange sounds like a good compromise. Taking her son to her facility sounds pretty risky for him, whereas a video of her could (as esperanza noted) be edited.

kathy a. said...

Skype's another possibility, but I worry about the inability to edit/filter -- think this is a safer way to start. A friend pointed out, too, that she could watch the video of her son over and over.

esperanza said...

AW: Weight of Albatross #2 is lifting
W: but oh good gravy, the number of details and their implications is about to get overwhelming, and I'm a detail-oriented person. Whew.

W: lice, lice, lice. Sweet's and Mini's hair are both looking pretty good...not too many nits, haven't found any live bugs (ew). Mine? I have no idea. I can't see my own head! I'm combing it out but have no sense what I'm leaving behind. The laundry is constant. Ready for this to be over.

kathy a. said...

Glad things are at least clearing up with Albatross 2. Ugh about the lice, and the laundry.

So much unbloggable this and that today.

But all the main Bundy persons are in custody. So, that's two shoot-em-ups that didn't happen.

My dog has apparently decided it is "bark at everything" week. She mostly does it from inside the garage door, because cars or trucks or people out front might be dangerous. The side garage door is open to the back yard, but the big open space beyond that fence doesn't provide enough entertainment.

Sue said...

esperanza, I hear you with the detail concern. The work isn't done until it's *all* done. Hang in there.

Sorry about the ongoing lice and laundry - UGH. Go away, bugs!!!!

kathy a - sorry about unbloggables and barky dogs.

kathy a. said...

Liz inspired me with something she said on the visage book, and there is corned beef and veggies in the crockpot! There will be leftovers for when my garage becomes Ye Olde Mechanical Workshop for my son, tomorrow.

Laid in some supplies for the week after surgery. Came up with another list of supplies that I forgot. Not that I will be stranded on a desert island, but ... no driving for a week.

Got more instructions. No food next thurs. after 5 a.m. Early breakfast, back to bed? I'm supposed to go in at 1:15 p.m.; surgery 2 hours later. Definitely need to lay in a decent book or few.

This is pretty boring, right?

esperanza said...

Re: food before surgery. If you get up early to eat breakfast, I would make it light. Remember that the anesthesia shuts down your digestive processes, and you don't really want a heavy meal stuck in your system. And you're not going to want to use your abdominal muscles very strongly for a while, I'd wager. (attempting to be delicate, but I think you know what I mean).

W: oh my goodness. The adrenaline/high of accomplishing so much on the Albatross has worn off, and I'm so tired. I've also gotten up at 5:30 the past two mornings in order to have time to comb lice out of my hair and be at some non-church-related volunteer commitments on time. (I comb Baboo hair at night, and I just don't have it in me to do three heads back to back).

kathy a. said...

Thanks, Esperanza. It will not be a heavy breakfast. And that would be 8 hours before surgery, plenty of time to digest. I could end up severely cranky without anything since the night before, though.

Oy, the combing. xoxo

esperanza said...

I would also suggest hydrating as much as you can before 5 AM. Trying to get a vein for an IV gets more difficult the more dehydrated a person is. (oh, the things I have learned)

esperanza said...

W: Poor Sweet was so over-something-ed from her class Valentines party that she didn't even want to look at her Valentines for several hours. "It was so loud." I don't think it's hurt feelings, as they all have to make cards for everyone else in their class. I think it's just the out-of-routine and probably it was very loud. I volunteered with her class yesterday and holy cow does that teacher have her hands full.

kathy a. said...

I'm encouraged to drink plain clear fluids (water, black coffee, apple juice) up until 11 a.m. Assume I get to pee before the extravaganza.

Forgot to mention, won the post office lottery -- 1 minute wait to drop off packages. Score!

Tomorrow, excess items to goodwill, and books to either the free exchange or various little libraries. One of my local friends does a "bag a day" thing during lent, and maybe she cheats a little by including stuff she is returning to owners or stuff she already collected in a bag for donation -- but I'm all good with the spirit of de-cluttering, one day at a time.

kathy a. said...

((( Sweet ))) Bet it was loud.

esperanza said...

Though I am claiming nit combing as my Lenten discipline, I am always in favor of de-cluttering. I took two kitchen size bags, a stroller, a tricycle, and a couple of larger toys to a consignment sale today. It feels so good to get rid of stuff. And I also try to remember my privilege evident in (a) having too much stuff; and (b) not having too worry too much about saving it for possible need later.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I just realised I've been MIA all week! And I'm exhausted.

Kathy: which day is your surgery? And I don't think I realised before this that SIL has a teen son. That whole situation is entirely heartbreaking. (And the video plan sounds wise.)

Esperanza: this week of yours. Oh my goodness. Fireplacing lice.

AW: today was the last day before a school break. A whole week off (including a provincial holiday on Monday). Just trying to figure out the right balance for the week, since we were all exhausted messes today, and both Mr. Q and I had headaches. (I suspect it's barometric pressure: we went from warm weather to extreme cold, and it's back to warm again tomorrow. My sister had a migraine last night. Other possibility: we're all getting sick again, or it's the strain of the non-stop work.)

W: I'm so tired. Mr. Q's master's application is due on Monday (yes, on a holiday, but the application is online, and the recommendations and transcripts are in already). After that, hopefully we can rest.

esperanza said...

QWP, rest well. We have a 3 day weekend too, and just about nothing planned, so I hope we can recuperate a bit too.

kathy a. said...

QWP, hope the next few days are restorative; also that the app gets done. And -- sure you can come up with this and that as the need arises during the Week! Daddy! Is! Off!

For some reason -- cooking your own beans is tasty, healthy, and inexpensive? -- we ended up with several bags of dried beans in the [not large] cabinet for foodstuffs. They are moving to decorative jars atop another cabinet, to make room for things we actually use -- but if anybody has a favorite bean recipe, I'm all ears.

Must have been thinking black-eyed peas for new year, but that didn't happen. Kidney for chili? No good idea about those cute little white beans, except they might work in a "lets use up what's in the fridge" soup.

Anonymous said...

Kathy a-- I haven't done it from dried beans, but with white beans in the can, sometimes I puree, and add garlic and spices, and make a white bean dip. Like hummus, only not starting with garbanzos. Just a thought....
also, the video idea sounds like a good idea, especially for son's sake

QWP-- congrats on the vacation week! We also have a vacation week here, and it will be SO nice to have a week off teaching! Hope Mr. Q's application goes smoothly and quickly.

W: we were supposed to travel three hours to meet up with bro-in-law's family half way between their house and ours at my sister-in-law's mom's house, but found out yesterday brother in law has on and off fever. He still wants to get together (he has continued to go about his normal life, medicating with advil when the chills come). ??? But, we have now begged off from the get together. I am a bit worried they will be quite annoyed, but honestly, I don't want to get sick and spend the whole week off miserable. (also, he tends to use his own fork to snag that extra potato from the serving dish, or what have you-- I know this is a whiny little pet peeve of mine, but eeewwww.) So, we have 3 days here unexpectedly (husband has monday off too), without much work to do.

My lesson plan called for having my students gather some data yesterday and make a line graph, which I was going to grade over break. But, the lesson took longer than expected, so didn't do graphing yet. So nothing to grade over break!
(that's a big anti whine!!!!!)

Happy weekend to all!

:)Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

A pox on people who don't stay home when they're sick! I don't think that fork thing is a pet peeve, either, NL. Disgusting, especially if you're sick.

I'm glad you have some time to relax--you deserve it and need it!

Sue said...

Oy, with the combing. Sorry about the deflated "after the adrenaline wears off" feeling, esperanza. I hope you get your energy back soon.

kathy a - esperanza has offered great pre-op advice.

QWP - I hope you all get a chance to rest and have some fun this week. The weather shift sounds very headache-inducing. Ugh. We started the day at -38, and my sister in our nation's capitol is hovering around -42 (both windchill temps). How about you folks?

NL - good call on cancelling the visit - you get to have some time at home and you don't have to fight off the icky fork germs. Ew.

liz said...

NL, your BIL sounds like my mom and stepfather. "I feel like crap! I have a cold! Come sit by me while I cough on your dinner!" And then being all offended if you don't want to sit with them at dinner. Yes, they were both sick in Puerto Rico. Mom first, then stepdad. Then they lectured Mr. Spock about how rude he was not to want to sit at the table with stepdad when stepdad should actually have been in bed. W: Yes this is still an issue. MS is still upset that they couldn't just leave him to NOT SIT WITH A SICK PERSON and instead made a huge deal about it. Also, my mother may have mentioned how she never gets sick (when she was sick! Just then!) and how she takes "wellness formula" and envisions herself surrounded by a "wall of light" and how she doesn't want to be catered to when she's sick so she just goes on with her life and that's how she's always done it. WHICH IS BULLSHIT.

Geez. I'm still upset about it too.

Kathy, re: Beans. 7 bean soup is always good. Simmer in stock for hours with garlic, onions, maybe a ham bone? I also like NL's idea of bean dip.

esperanza said...

I always go Mexican food with beans (pinto or black or kidney). Chili?

Or I like that soup with kale and white beans and sausage. (Italian wedding soup might or might not be what it is called.

AW: Baboos *asked* to go to our local museum today, so we did.
W: Apart from that, Sweet has been highly prone to meltdowns. Feeding her did not help (hunger is major trigger for her). I'm guessing she's tired, but she has a hard time napping.

kathy a. said...

NL, good plan to stay home and avoid the bugs. Yuck on the fork!

The posse is dispatched -- and to Liz's mom and stepfather, too.

Yay for the museum; but poor Sweet cannot catch a break. Hope she gets some recuperation in.

Thanks for all the bean suggestions!

esperanza said...

W? AW? I'm uncharacteristically zen about the uncertainty of Moving Possibility Season with Mr. E's bigwigs. He's the one who's stressing out and what-if-ing it to death. I think I have too many other things to worry about.

kathy a. said...

I think you are taking the right approach, Esperanza. What will worrying do, anyway? And yeah, your plate is full.

Truck repair is underway, and there is no swearing, even.

kathy a. said...

PSA: When your son's working on his truck, and he needs cat litter, and you loan him your keys because the cat litter is in your car -- the keys will need decontamination upon return. (This was supposed to be an electrical problem, not an oily problem needing cat litter to clean up, but it is possible this truck has multiple problems.)

Thoughts to Justice Scalia's family and friends. But it is really unfortunate that tonight is yet another chapter in the endless debating. Passing the bark bags.

liz said...

There are two quotes that I'm about to paraphrase:

"Every man's death diminishes me. Some more than others"


"I would never intentionally kill anyone, but there are some funerals I would attend with joy."

May Scalia meet my merciful God instead of his vengeful one. And may my merciful god bring him to an understanding of his misdeeds.

esperanza said...

Amen and amen.

A friend said "I'm rejoicing he's not on the Supreme Court anymore; I'm not rejoicing that he's dead."

Same sentiment, I think.

kathy a. said...

It took approximately 3 nanoseconds for people to start proclaiming that they would "honor" the memory of Scalia -- a person who firmly believed his life's work was honoring the constitution -- by ignoring the constitutional provisions for selecting a successor. Way. to. go.

That the notorious RBG not only admired him as a colleague, but regarded him a dear friend, signals something about his character and intellect that one might not gather from his wrong-headed opinions. But those opinions affected the rest of us, often in profound ways.

The prospect of any length of time without one justice is untenable. I think the longest time for confirmation was 100 days, for Justice Thomas. If the court is tied 4-4, basically the lower court decision is upheld, and the important broad issue they meant to decide remains without a definitive SCOTUS ruling. (I could go on and on and on....) Pre-emptively calling on the posse to kick the senate in the butt so things move along for the public good.

AW: My sweetie and I went to Sonoma for brunch, seeing the glorious bright green hills and etc., a tad of wine tasting. Our favorite was a chunk of fenced vineyard containing a good-sized herd of sheep, all busy munching the weeds between the rows of vines. At some point, the sheep on the left decided it was time to flock to the other side, so there was this stream moving along the fenceline. Mamas stopping for their little ones. (No dogs or anything herding them; I think a few got started and the rest joined the parade.)

esperanza said...

About 6 months ago, a friend's husband (much younger than Scalia) dropped dead on a hunting trip in West Texas. I keep thinking how difficult the news must be for her, to relive that horror.

W: Albatross #2 is developing some new! complications! I'm not specifically responsible for solving them, though our committee is directly responsible for causing one of them. So we'll be expected to have some ideas toward resolution. I know that's plenty opaque.

kathy a. said...

I"m very sorry for your friend, Esperanza. And for the Albatross side-turn.

liz said...

Sending love to your friend, Esperanza.

Albatross complications are definitely whine-worthy.

May all who are bereaved by the loss of Justice Scalia find comfort in his memory. Especially Justice Ginsburg. I'm glad she found him to be a good friend, I'm sorry that she has lost a good friend.

That's about as good as I can get.

liz said...

Okay: I'm about to go make the filling for Chicken Pot Pie

Challenge: Mr. Spock is no longer eating carbs, so I'm just making the filling for him. No pie. Also, no flour in his filling. Will it come out okay?

Challenge: Muffin Man likes neither celery, nor peas. His filling will be devoid of these vegetables. He will still be required to eat the carrots.

Challenge: I am not feeling the love for cooking three separate meals.

I'm about to go into battle. Send me your good wishes.

kathy a. said...

Three dinners does not sound very fun, Liz. Mr. Spock's will be more like stew, I think.

I'm just going to keep the current thread going this week. But will need help watching the blog end of the week.

Am trying a tuscan white bean soup with meatballs and kale, crockpot version, which I think is similar to the wedding soup NL mentioned.

esperanza said...

What day is your surgery, kathy a? I can babysit the whiners while you're out of commission.

kathy a. said...

Thursday p.m. Thanks, Esperanza.

I've ordered 5 new books for recovery entertainment! 4 mysteries, and The Notorious RBG.

Still laying in other supplies since I can't drive for a week. Everybody hides spare popcorn in a file cabinet for that day when all snack food has disappeared overnight, and the perps have merrily departed for work, right? ;)

esperanza said...

AW: Baboos and I had a really nice day together. They played together nicely and cleaned up when I asked them too. Not much squabbling.

AW: probably not unrelated: Mini slept 12 hours last night.

W: still with the lice. Single digits of nits for each of us, but I don't feel comfortable quitting the combing.

kathy a. said...

Oy, with the lice! Glad you and the kids had a good day, Esperanza!

Wishing Liz's beloved a swift recovery from his cataract surgery.

Sue said...

Glad you had a good day together, esperanza. I'm guessing the 12 hour sleep helped! :) Sorry about the continuing lice saga.

Thinking of you kathy as you prepare for your surgery this week.

Best wishes to Liz's hubby post-op.

I've got an insanely busy week ahead with all the usual work, plus a funeral, plus a social/colleague thing, plus a family dinner, and then off to the Big City on Sunday afternoon for an appointment with Needles of Mercy on Monday. Bonus - I get to see our son, his partner, and his partner's family while I'm in the Big City. So, I'll be around, but sporadically.

kathy a. said...

Yay, Sue! Not only the Fab Needles of relief, but it should be really lovely to see your son and the kinda-in-laws!

I almost wish that for the surgery, they'd said: "OK, see you in two days!" Apparently, I'm not very good at waiting in a peaceful manner. However, 3 new books arrived today -- The Notorious RBG, and two by Laurie R King (one of my faves). I will probably take something more expendable for the pre-op time. Was almost done with Justice Stevens' book when I left it at the mammo place; not making that mistake again. ;)

liz said...

Surgery went well, as did the pot pies.

Sending best wishes to Kathy for Thursday!!!

esperanza said...

Your beloved shall be placed in charge of keeping up with the books, kathy a. I hereby decree it.

W: Spent a total of probably 4 hours on the fireplacing phone today. Ugh.

AW: but we got a lot done without traveling for another meeting of Albatross people.

AW: One of my Albatross colleagues got a fantastic gr0up0n hotel deal for our candidate and her family. Way more than 50% off, on a Spring Break weekend, at major tourist destination in major tourist city. I was impressed. I love a good deal.

AW: I am going on a Albatross related trip to Big City for two nights, Thursday-Saturday. I ponied up extra money to have my own hotel room all by myself for two whole nights. All by myself. Did I mention I'll be all alone? (Yes, I'm a tiny bit excited).

Sue, joining you in thanks for Magic Needles. Kathy a, will be thinking of you Thursday pm, your time zone. Liz, I'm glad Mr. Spock's surgery went did you make pot pie without flour? Inquiring minds over here.

kathy a. said...

Hotel room! 2 nights! ALONE! Hope you have a great time, Esperanza!

I accidentally left my little black sweater in my husband's car on Sunday. He knows it is there; just had to be asked about it, and doesn't want me rooting around to see where he tossed it. This is why I'm taking an expendable book on Thursday.

esperanza said...

mmm hmmm. I see.

kathy a. said...

I'll snag it in the a.m. Grumpypants, someone has those on at the moment. But I don't totally trust him to immediately locate any book left in his custody. Do trust him to get me home; it's the other items that don't register so well.

You know what the book of visages is really good for? Things pop up that you just know a friend wants to see. One of my best friends from college is home caring for her much older husband now, but I think of her so often when I see weird and interesting stuff -- and bam, she'll get it as soon as she clocks in next. It's almost like living right down the hall again. :)

esperanza said...

AW: I talked to my mom last night. She had her second knee replacement at the beginning of January, and from the get-go, it was not doing as well as the other one. Not straightening well, nor bending well, lots of swelling and pain. I was really concerned not just for the knee, but for how down she sounded on the phone. So she whined (it works!) to the doctor, and he suggested "manipulation under anesthesia," which is exactly what it sounds. They move the joint around to break up scar tissue. And it worked! In 24 hours, it was already moving as well as the first knee. She is ecstatic, and I am so relieved.

kathy a. said...

Oh, great news for Mom, Esparanza!

Sue said...

Great news, esperanza - about your Mom's knee, and also about TWO NIGHTS ALONE in a hotel room. I totally get how awesome that is. :)

I'm glad Mr. Spock's surgery went well, Liz!

Yay for new books, kathy! I enjoy Laurie R. King as well.

kathy a. said...

Picked up mail, did banking, one last trip to TJ's, clothes washed. Those products everyone uses and nobody buys are stocked. Two more books are coming today. Everyone's notified they'll need to do more heavy lifting for a while. The cats are practicing their comfort and purr techniques. All set but the waiting. I am such a wimp.

esperanza said...

L.O.L. at "those products everyone uses and nobody buys." I just did one of those shopping trips today.

You're not a wimp! The waiting is terrible.

kathy a. said...

Still actually working on the laptop. When I don't use it for a month or 2, there are so many updates and security scans and yadda. Glad I remembered to do this today. Like, I just turned it off, and now it is installing 44 updates!

kathy a. said...

OK, now my bp is elevated for real. They want an EKG, which I'd been told wouldn't be needed, because I would have done it before now. Think it can be done in the a.m.

Anonymous said...

Yay for knees working! Yay for nights on your own!!

Good luck tomorrow, Kathy, and cluesticks to your family for never buying the things everyone uses.

The pot pie filling had flour after all. MS and I discussed various options and agreed that flour had the greatest chance of success. It was Martha Stewart's recipe, with celery replacing half the carrots and some mushrooms thrown in. Also I used pre-made crust.

MS's vision is already better than it was before the cataract. Next eye will be scheduled next week.

Liz on iPhone

kathy a. said...

No EKG! Whew.

Sue said...

Oh good, kathy. Deep breaths, before you know it, it will be done and your cat nurses will be tending to you with pushy paws and calming purrs.

esperanza said...

Update us when you can, kathy a. It'll all be fine. Whew on the EKG.

kathy a. said...

Liz, that's so great about MS's vision! So round 2, now he knows what to expect.

Good for the update on the pot pie. Leaving out the crust is the big thing, carb and fat wise.

Y'all, I'm just a born worry wort. This will be fine; I know that. But I'll know it better once it's over. Thanks for the love. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Muffin Man banged his pinky toe hard on Tuesday. It's broken. No physical activity for a month. No clue what this means for his role in the musical

Liz on iPhone

Anonymous said...

Yay! His character doesn't dance much! He can stay in the show!

kathy a. said...

Yay, MM!

W: ouch. Otherwise, all went smoothly. Some anonymous person left a box of get-well goodies at my house -- magazines, dvd, candy, card featuring cats. Just my printed name taped on the top.

esperanza said...

So glad everything is well and hooray for anonymous goodies. Take the pain pills.

Anonymous said...

Kathy!! Glad it went well and hooray for anonymous goodies!

Liz on iPhone

kathy a. said...

ouch. Yes, using the pain pills. And a wide padded elastic belt around my belly. And an ice pack. And a cat-shaped tubular pillow my daughter made, to hold the ice pack in place. :)

So, in the waiting area before they took me back yesterday, this lovely young woman was chatting with her grandmother about the fabulous taco spread she would put together for some family event -- beef, chicken, cheese, condiments.... Boy, did I want a taco right about then...

Anonymous said...

My internet has been out most of the week....
so, sorry for not being able to wish good wishes pre-surgeries, but glad surgeries went well! Hope the pain subsides soon, Kathy a. (And, btw, Laurie R King is one of my faves too!!!!)
Sorry for Muffin Man's toe!

Esperanza, yay for mom's knee, and have fun in the hotel! Also, Sue, have fun with your son!
have been organizing financial stuff for tax time-- not fun, but productive.

:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Oh, man. Today kind of sucks. I finally looked at the post-op instructions, and sure enough, nausea, tiredness, flu-like ick are all "normal." It's supposed to be better in a few days.

Plus, I remembered that V1c0dan doesn't agree with me so well. Will be dropping that as soon as the advil's enough.

Well, back to the sofa and a book for me.

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about MMs toe injury Liz, but I'm glad he can still be in the show!

Hugs kathy - so nice to come home to a care package. Sorry you're feeling so awful. :(

esperanza said...

Don't you love how I promised kathy a I could check in on the pixies at the end of the week and then I didn't? I was busy at the conference and hardly got to enjoy my hotel room when I wasn't sleeping. It was luxuriously quiet and exactly my preferred temperature, so there's that.

kathy a, I hope the yuckies are passing quickly.

NL, good work on the taxes. I'd invite you to do mine, but I wouldn't wish that on my friends.

Hoping MM's toe is improving as well.

Good news: we only did one slightly illegal thing in our Albatross process. Oops. Correcting that as soon as possible, though it's one of those "can't put the toothpaste back in the tube" things.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, glad you got so much done at the conference, and had a nice quiet hotel room! Ahem -- it's always good news when the slightly illegal thing is identified so fixes can be made...

Yesterday was better -- went the whole day without naps or barks. And I guess I slept pretty decently, too. Which meant no meds on board when I got up this morning, ouch!

liz said...

Yay for no barks! Boo for ou hides.

Yay for getting great work done, having time to yourself and catching the errors you made before they became really big errors.

Aw: good food today. W: burned my hand on a pot