Monday, October 19, 2015

Aloha was so last week....

Back to the grindstone this week.  Pretty soon now.  Any minute.  I swear!

To our Canadian Pixies, may the voting go your way today.  There is a certain amount of jealousy that y'all are at the end of the campaign season, whereas the Pixies to the south are expected to endure another entire fireplacing year of breathless daily updates and urgent pleas regarding the big national election.

Meanwhile, GO LIZ!  I'm more and more convinced of the importance of state and local offices -- people often ignore them, but that's really where changes and improvements begin.  (And not paying attention is how we end up with whiffle-ball-for-brains candidates in high state and national offices.)

Back on the home front, our daughter did a splendid job of keeping the ship running.  The pets were a little miffed that their personal humans went missing, but all is forgiven.

Hugs to those dealing with sorrow, sickness, sadness, etc.

What's new with you?


esperanza said...

Thanks for the love on the last post, everyone. Mr. E is with his brother now. I slept poorly but got a nap this morning. Logistics are still swimming in my head, but until the funeral is scheduled I can't really do anything. I have explained to the Baboos (who have not seen this cousin since Mini was an infant and don't remember him) that Daddy is helping his brother, because his son died. Thankfully they have not asked any further questions, because I'm not sure what I would say. They are used to us talking about people dying--it's just part of our lives--so they understand that much.

kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza ))) Such sorrow. It sounds like you have told the Baboos exactly what they need to know, and no more, which is good. It is always a horrible tragedy when somebody so young dies, no matter the cause. The first friend I lost was going on 13, a sweet smart boy, and he accidentally rode his bike in front of a truck because he was late getting home. My kids' first friend died at age 12 of brain cancer. There is no sense to be made when someone so young dies. xoxoxo

Sue said...

(((((Esperanza)))) continuing to send prayers and love your way. kathy is right, there is no sense to be made of such a young person dying this way, but there are hands to be held and love to be offered. Thinking of all of you.

Voted. Apparently the advance polls had a 71% increase in voter numbers over the last federal election, I hope that means people are interested and invested in the outcome today and will show up in force. We so desperately need a change in government - all fingers and toes are crossed on our house tonight!

liz said...

Hooray for Canada going out in force to vote! Meanwhile, here in VA, elections are in 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Esperanza, it sounds like you did a good job of explaining to the baboos. Many, many hugs.

Liz: fifteen days! I hope there is good turnout there, and it goes in your favour.

Sue: I'm crossing every appendage right now. We NEED a change, and I hope we finally get it (and, if we get a Lib minority, that they and the NDP work together for positive change, and that we avoid a vote of non-confidence.)

Kathy: don't be too jealous of us, we'll be following every breathless, urgent update there too! We are strongly affected by what happens down there (but have no control over it). I'll happy to be following only one election (except for the provincial one we will have in the spring, which had been scheduled for this month until the federal election was called).

W: I woke up today with severe vertigo. The room was spinning! Mr. E stayed home, and took me to the doctor this afternoon. The verdict: no ear infection, but instead likely the effect of a virus (and made worse by seasonal allergies and wax buildup). I actually wish it had just been an infection, because then I could take medicine and it would go away soon!

KLee said...

I am so sorry that I missed last week, and I am horrified to hear the news of Esperanza's nephew. I am so, so sorry. Loss at an early age is heartbreaking enough already, but suicide? That's just so horrible for your poor family. My heart and prayers are with you.

esperanza said...

Thank you everyone. Still no news on the funeral, but it's looking like it will be Friday, which means no Albatross meeting for me.

Crossing every part of me that is Canadian (fun fact: my paternal grandfather was born in Saskatchewan) for a good result. A 71% increase is amazing.

QWP, hope you feel better soon. You've had way too much sickness the last couple of weeks.

Liz, you're going to rock this, I just know it.

KLee said...

Oh, and thank you for all the birthday wishes. It was a meh day -- everyone at work forgot again, and not wanting to toot my own horn, I didn't mention it. But, Offspring came home that night for Fall Break and made me a cake at 10;00 at night. So, it worked out.

Went to my Mom's on Saturday, and she is so weak. She walked 10 feet to the bathroom and was so winded that she was panting. She was supposed to have an appointment today to get blood and/or platelets, and she spent all day (from 9am until 4pm) at the oncologist's office with nothing being done. This same doc, the NEW one, mind you, was supposed to be conferring with a BigBrain Doc at D. University, telling him that he needed to get Mom into their Hematology Unit. Said doc did nothing AT ALL that he said he would, so with BigBrain Muckety Muck Doctor calls, he not only tells my stepdad that they won't be taking her on as a patient, but also has us confused with someone else, thinking we live in Miami. Stepdad is fit to be tied, and in Mama's words, "showed his ass real good" in the oncologist's office today. So, she is scheduled for blood tomorrow and another bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. I'm so frustrated I could rip someone in half. Is it going to take her dying to get someone to fucking pay attention to her?!

Sorry. Anger is the dominant emotion lately.

Esperanza, is there anything we can do for you or your family?


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh KLee, I'm so sorry your mom has not been getting the level of care that she needs. Good for your step dad for advocating for her.

(((Esperanza))) I'll be praying for you guys when you go out for the funeral.

(When things settle down, I want to hear more about the grandpa from Saskatchewan: where he was born, and all that. I always want to hear about everyone's SK connections.)

esperanza said...

Saskatoon. I think his parents were US citizens but for some reason moved to Canada temporarily. This would have been around 1910 that he was born. He would have met my grandmother in Texas during WWII (he was in the Navy), but I vaguely think the whole family was back in the US well before then. I don't know a lot--he died of Alzheimer's when I was about 12, and was not able to remember or tell stories for many years before that.

KLee, it is just ridiculous the way your mom has been treated. If it takes showing ass, then that's what will have to happen.

kathy a. said...

Oh, KLee! Your poor mama. That is just unconscionable, keeping her there all day and doing nothing. I don't know who is coordinating medical care at this point, but you should at least make sure her primary care physician knows what is going on -- her weakness, this massive failure on the part of the new doctor, etc. xoxoxo

My great-grandmother was Canadian! Pretty sure Ontario province, which I guess doesn't narrow things down much, eh? Fingers firmly crossed about that election.

QWP, glad things are a little better.

Sue said...

I meant to say welcome home kathy! Your pics are beautiful!

((((KLee))) That's so frustrating. xoxoxox

So cool to have Canadian connections here!

QWP, agreed re: Lib/NDP coalition of some kind. So far, the results out of NF/Lab are looking good!

Best news so far today - some of the Northern Aboriginal communities have had such good voter turnouts that they ran out of ballots (which were very quickly replenished so everyone could vote). This is SO amazing!

Liz - 15 days!!!!!!

kathy a. said...

My great-grandmother lived nearby when I was a kid, and even babysat me when I was little. She was born about 1878, and lived to 92! She met her husband and moved to Cleveland OH, and I believe there was a lot of border crossing to visit relatives, go to camp, etc. (all long before my time, and before she and other pieces of the family moved to California).

Excellent news about running out of ballots -- and getting new ones there pronto!

Anonymous said...

((((KLee)))) prayers for you and your mama

(((esperanza)))) still holding you in prayers and thoughts

QWP-- as a long-time on and off vertigo sufferer, check with your doctor about whether you can take mec1izine (that's an L). Also goes by the over the counter name of B0nine here in the states. Miraculous for me.

--Neighbor Lady

Queen of West Procrastination said...

NL: would you believe it's been pulled from all the shelves in Canada? I wonder what the story is there.

Sue: I'm holding my breath as the polls close in your province!

A Grandpa from Saskatoon! A great-grandma from Ontario! And would you believe my paternal grandfather was born and raised in Pennsylvania? I have one US tie.

Sue said...

We have a new Prime Minister and s Liberal government! Too early to know whether it will be a majority or not, but either way, change is here. My eyes are leaking a bit.....this is so long overdue.

kathy a. said...

Woot, Sue!

esperanza said...

Yay Canada!

Sue said...

Just this and then I'm off to bed.

In his acceptance speech, the new PM talked about what helped him and his party win tonight. He sat with Canadians at their kitchen tables, in halls, church basements, town hall mtgs...and listened to the people.

So basically, he knocked on a lot of doors.

Liz. You're doing it right.

Nite all....

Anonymous said...

Yay Canada!!!!!


liz said...


Queen of West Procrastination said...

I woke up to a new Canada, AND to my riding being called for my candidate (he only won by 142 votes!).

Sue said...

QWP - that's awesome!

kathy a. said...

Stupid American questions -- what happens next? And also, what's a "riding"?

Yay for door-knocking! I think that was part of why Obama did so well, too.

kathy a. said...

OK, those were stupid questions. A riding is an election district? And I guess what happens next is, everybody gets sworn in? I'm a little confused about how things proceed with several parties, but imagine there is a lot more in terms of negotiations and alliances on issues than we have seen in a while in the US, at least nationally.

Esperanza, sending love.

Thrashing through the work underbrush, post-vacation.

Sue said...

Yes, esperanza, sending lots of love. xoxoxo

What happens next... here's my understanding (with help from a Big National Newspaper). First, the incumbent PM submits his formal resignation to the Governor General (Queen's rep in Parliament). After that, the transition from our current Conservative govt to a Liberal govt can begin. This is expected to take a few weeks.

In the meantime, the PM-Elect needs to put together a cabinet (assigning portfolios to particular MPs). Once all that is done, he and his cabinet will be formally installed in government,the PM will put together a Speech from the Throne, and the Gov Gen will then summon MPs back to Parliament Hill to get down to business.

Because the incumbent PM plans to resign as Party leader (he will continue to serve as a riding MP) - the Cons will need to appoint an interim leader.

W: I discovered today that I have some Conservative colleagues who are kinda bitter. Seriously???? They actually thought it was a GOOD idea to have a "Ratting Out Your Foreign Neighbours for Sh*t You Don't Understand" hotline???

AW: Haven't commented on a single post. Not worth it. But think you know someone.

esperanza said...

W: so when's a good time to schedule a funeral? Never. But, really. 6:00 rush hour on a Friday in Dallas, when there is torrential rain in the forecast.

AW: my mom to the rescue, again. She's coming down here Thursday. I will leave Friday after dropping off Baboos at school, arriving in Dallas early afternoon (unless it's later, because of the rain). I'll spend the night with Mr E at my parents' house and come back here Saturday morning, because I'm working on Sunday and there's just no way to get out of that. Mom will help me get the Baboos to church Sunday morning and then head back home, because she has knee replacement surgery scheduled for Monday morning. Someone from church will take care of Baboos for a couple of hours Sunday after church till I can get back to town and get them. There will be lots of carseat moving.

W: I will miss the Albatross related meeting
AW: my colleagues have been so kind and understanding and are picking up all the pieces that need picking up

esperanza said...

W: and Mini has Mystery Rash

kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza ))) And big kudos to mom!! Littler but still meaningful kudos to co-flyers on the albatross. Cluestick-sized threats to the rain demons.

For Mini, some aloe and/or calmine, depending on which works.

Pixies, some things just fell into place about a work related crisis. The perfect someone we need just fell out of the sky (after I cleverly re-emailed someone I had asked for suggestions). Keep friends; and just keep asking.

Sue said...

((((((esperanza)))) so glad your Mom can help out. That's a very full, emotional weekend....imagine the pixie army of support at your side all weekend.

Yay on the help with work-related crisis. So true - keep asking.

esperanza said...

Yeah, Sue. Sunday morning is not only preaching at a supply congregation, but they've also asked me to do communion, which is not out of the ordinary but still requires a little extra energy, and a baptism, which is super exciting; I almost never get to do that; haven't done one in probably 6 or 7 years. I'm predicting a Sunday afternoon nap. I'm secretly hoping that the family who takes the Baboos after church will offer to keep them all afternoon. There's a church activity at 5:00, and we could meet back up then. But, I'm also needing a lot of extra Baboo snuggles, so maybe not.

Also, AW: lay speaker at Mr E's church *called and offered* to preach for him this Sunday. THIS is how you do the "let me know if you need anything" thing, people. So thoughtful and helpful.

Sorry for the babbling on.

kathy a. said...

That is not babbling on, Esperanza. Lot going on. And YES, that is how to do the "let me know" offer! xoxo

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That's an excellent way of offering concrete help! And we're here to support you, Esperanza: this isn't "babbling on." (And you're allowed to "babble on"!)

Kathy: the thing about ridings. It's sort of like electoral districts, but we actually vote for and elect a local Member of Parliament, and then the leader of the party with the most MPs gets to be Prime Minister. So, my riding is the district with a specific MP. I guess it's sort of like your electoral colleges, in that you elect them to elect a President, but our local representative in Parliament is the one who does that for us. So: we don't directly vote for a PM. (For now. Our PM-elect just promised electoral reform in the next 18 months, and we'll see what happens.)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That was confusing. The short version: it's like you vote for your member of Congress, and the party with the most members in Congress gets to have their leader as President.

Sue said...

I'm so glad someone took the preaching off Mr. E's plate - that was very kind. I wish your weekend wasn't quite to full (though a baptism does sound lovely!). Is someone at the pastoral charge responsible for getting the communion elements together, or do you bring everything? That might be a nice task to pass along to someone else.

Also, do you have a sustainable sermon you can put to use? I don't see "quiet sermon prep time" anywhere in your schedule.

W: Low pressure system/rain this morning. My head told me before I was fully awake that this will be a long day. Ugh.

AW: Massage booked for tomorrow, trip to see Doc with Magic Needles is this weekend. I leave Sunday after worship, appt Monday, return Tuesday. Not a moment too soon!

esperanza said...

Ugh, sorry about the head, Sue. And thankful for the Magic Needles and the Doc willing to use them.

Yes, the church will take care of everything, really. I just show up. Sermon...I'm hoping I can get to that today, possibly tomorrow morning. The good news is that it can be shorter than usual, with the other two rings of the circus taking up some time. I have a good idea of where I'm going with it, as well.

W: the weather forecast is looking worse and worse.

kathy a. said...

QWP, thanks for the electoral primer.

Sue, yay for the magic doctor -- and the massage in the meantime!

Esperanza, glad the sermon is coming together. But yuck on the upcoming weather -- like you need something else to worry about.

esperanza said...

Today (Wednesday) received an invitation for a birthday party for Baboos' friend (a close friend) which will be on Saturday. Saturday, by my count, is three days away. Saturday is when my mom will be with them and I will be on my way back from Dallas. Sigh. Mom says she can take them.

kathy a. said...

Um, that's short notice.... But probably good all around -- Baboos get out, Mom gets a break.

esperanza said...

Well, it's a "take the kids and stay with them" kind of party, but it will be ok. They are nice people (if procrastinators) and Mom knows several of them. And if it's been raining all weekend as predicted, they will definitely need an escape.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Esperanza, I hope that you've had some good time for sermon prep tonight, and that the birthday party isn't too much of an extra stress for your mom.

Sue: hooray for massage and your magical doctor, but boo to the weather being a migraine trigger!

(Whispered whine: it is perhaps not a good idea to read the Wikipedia page of your undergrad rival, especially a couple of days after he was elected to be your representative on a national level. You will see the marked difference, once your paths diverged, and you will very much feel like a slacker.)

(That is very specific advice that will likely only apply to me.)

esperanza said...

((QWP)) You've done just fine for yourself.

AW: sermon was done on a Wednesday evening. That may be unprecedented.

Sue said...

QWP: You are awesome!! And certainly not a slacker. Ever.

Way to go esperanza - sermon done on Wednesday!! I can't imagine anything else being squeezed into this weekend for your family. DID YOU HEAR THAT UNIVERSE?????

AW: No power at the church today, so I'm working from home. And getting a massage later. And the weather turned so my head may not explode after all.

kathy a. said...

QWP, you are great!

Esperanza, way to go on the sermon!

Sue, yay for working at home and no-exploding heads!

Two things done already this morning. I feel so accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, y'all!

I thought I'd give you an update on the school situation. The nutshell is that the honeymoon ended for the kids about ten days ago, and the adjustment continues.

The longer version goes something like this: My son does not like school, though he does like his friends and he seems to like his teacher. He's a perfectionist and a slow worker, and he does not like being told a) what to do, b) how to do it, or c) how long he has to do it. This week, we have not had any days with tears at drop off, which is a relief after the week before. Lots and lots of tears that week. Lots of tears, and a request for me: "Can't you just lose your job and stay home with me???" Broke my heart.

My daughter loves school, but she's feeling defeated because she doesn't think she's smart enough (she struggles in math), and she is too ashamed to ask for help. I intervened the other day. I took her with me to talk to the teacher, and the teacher and I came up with a plan. Daughter seems to be doing better, but she is also a slow worker, and that takes its toll. Fingers crossed that I successfully modeled how she can ask for help.

As I predicted, my husband is not really helping. All kid/school responsibilities are mine, including lunch packing, homework helping, and driving. I've been sick for two weeks, and he just started pitching in with housekeeping without being asked. His scorecard for the past two weeks shows:
*offered to make dinner for us 50% of days when dinner was required (I still had to make kid dinners)
*went to grocery store once per week
*ran two loads of dishes
*wiped a counter

It's a Christmas miracle.

Much love to all the Pixies! Esperanza, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's tragic. :'( KLee, how frustrating your experience has been with the medical system! I'm glad you got some birthday cake, though. *hug*

Amy (texture)

kathy a. said...

((( Amy ))) Well, cluesticks to hubs. Glad he's doing something, but ...

The adjustment sounds tough for the kids -- this isn't a pattern they are used to -- but glad that there aren't tears from you son this week, and that you were able to show your daughter how to ask for help!

I was a slow worker, too. Can really relate to not liking to be told what to do and how fast. But there is an up side to knowing you can do something fast if you need to; and learning the advantage of just getting something out of the way, so you can move along to something you choose. So, hope your son especially will eventually see a brighter side.


Sue said...

(((Amy))) I'm sorry this has been such a tough time. I also worked slowly and was not at all good at math. I'll ad a cluestick or five for hubby. Sheesh.

kathy a. said...

Thing of no large consequence: My daughter doesn't look at the book of visages very much. She de-friended one of my cousins last night, for "liking" some idjit post about "anybody can pay for college themselves and find a job right after!" Sore spot for her, since it took so long to find work after college. Sigh.

This cousin of mine has lived her whole life in (less expensive) rural areas. She emancipated herself at age 15, got out of HS at a continuation school, took some community college courses later in life, which is great, and is hoping her wonderful and academically talented kids go to college. So I think for my cousin, this person's post was aspirational.

Families are so complicated. Think we had a decent talk, anyway, about this *not* being personal to her, and the different place that my cousin comes from. Sigh.

liz said...

Amy, I am sorry, but I am not fond of your husband. I have a cluestick here, and it's about to be shoved somewhere

liz said...

AW: I am really happy. Did a great job at a candidate's forum tonight.
W: we, the candidates, outnumbered the non-affiliated audience 3 to 1 if you count affiliated folks in with candidates. And by affiliated, I mean campaign staff, spouses, and hollingswho's crew of children. (He has 13, and he brought 9 of them with him.)
Aw: I've been getting good press, and my opponent and I are sending mail with almost identical wording. We do, at least, agree on what exactly it is that we disagree about.

kathy a. said...


esperanza said...

Heading out for Big D in a bit. Funeral at 6 pm Central Time. All prayers, crossed appendages, voodoo incantations, and whatever else you can think of are much appreciated. Ready for today to be done.

kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza )))

Sue said...

kathy, sorry about your daughter's book of faces experience, but I'm glad you had a good conversation around it.

YAY LIZ!!!!!

(((esperanza))) so many hugs.

Anonymous said...

many hugs, esperanza

great work at the forum, liz! sorry you didn't have better turn out, though. on a side note, i agree with you about my husband.

kathy, i think sue put it well -- the important takeaway is that you had a good conversation around it. more and more, that seems to me to be at the core of parenting: have a good conversation around the hard parts.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm praying for peace and comfort at the funeral, Esperanza. So many hugs.

Kathy: I think you handled it well. And I really do understand your daughter and how frustrating it can be, when someone acts as if something that was difficult for you ought to be easy for everyone. (Watch this space for my FEELINGS when people post stuff around Mother's Day along the lines of "when I held my baby immediately after she was born...")

Well done at the forum, Liz, in spite of the poor turnout. I hope that translates into even more positive press for you.

Amy, I agree about sending the posse with cluesticks for your husband. Wasn't this particular school arrangement his idea in the first place? And now he isn't doing much to help? Hugs for your kids, as they transition to the new school situation. I hope the school can allow them to take the pace they need, somehow.

W: this headache/sick thing still lingers, just enough to annoy me.

AW: new pants! Jeans that are comfortable, and don't cause me pain, for the first time since...2011, maybe? (Pregnancy, fibroids, and the c-section really messed up my abdominal region.) But my mom took me to her favourite store, because there was a "buy a second pair of jeans for half price" sale, and she only wanted one pair (and knows that the family budget rarely has much money for clothes for me, since I'm not working). And I found a cut, style, and size, in the store brand, that's PERFECT for me. I'm making note of the details, because there are a bunch of other colours of pants of this kind, and I think I'm going to ask for a gift card to this store for Christmas, and buy a bunch more pairs. (I can't stress enough: pants that aren't yoga pants or pyjama pants, and don't cause me discomfort? Incredible.)

liz said...

Fireplacing W@shing0n P0st endorsed the other guy. Because of a vote he took IN 2013 that they ALREADY ENDORSED HIM FOR BACK THEN.

Read it for yourselves. Go to their site and search on my name.

I am so pissed.

But I'm even angrier on behalf of my friend, Jennifer B0ysk0, whose opponent is an absolute zero, and yet they endorsed him. Apparently, choice rights are not as important to them as they'd like to imply with other endorsements.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, hope the day is winding down. Sending more love.

Amy, looks like the posse is saddled! Hope you are feeling better -- 2 weeks is a long time to feel yucky.

QWP, shopping score!! Jean shopping ranks below bra shopping, in my book. Great to find something that works.

Thanks for the kind comments. Is it still parenting when the "kid" is 26? Guess so. A couple other relatives have been unkind to my daughter, and spillover might be part of her reaction.

Stew is in the crockpot; there will be buttered wide noodles, also. Help yourself!

kathy a. said...

Excuse me, Liz, but what the fireplace???? Oh, the Posse has another destination. Jackasses.

kathy a. said...

EXCUSE ME? You are "solid and serious"; he is wrong on guns, medicaid expansion, and a host of social issues; but vote for him? Because he once voted to raise taxes to fund important stuff? JEEPERS. That's code for things I'd otherwise say, but "fireplace" isn't really strong enough.

esperanza said...

I've read the whines but am too tired to do anything but offer sympathy and rejoicing, as appropriate.

I did not make it to the funeral. Flooding closed the main south-north highway, as well as a bunch of others. Traffic was horrendous. I had to turn around and come back home. I had held it together pretty well all week until I realized I wasn't going to be able to be there when Mr E needed me. He's the one who told me to come back home, so he is fine with it. I'm better now, but today has been rough, just in a different way than I expected.

Miranda said...

Hugs Esperanza.

liz said...


kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza )))

Anonymous said...

I had come here this morning because I read about flooding, and wanted to put a hope that you were safe.
I'm so glad you're safe and ok, but I am so sorry about how hard of a day it was, in unexpected ways.
Sending lots of hugs to you and mr. e
--Neighbor lady

and liz, wtf! Hopefully, people will get so angry about the endorsement that it will help your funding! And get them to the polls.

esperanza said...

Thank you so much NL. That means a lot

My mom has set off first thing this morning, to try to return home (near the Big D). She has surgery scheduled for Monday morning, so she's hoping that giving herself 48 hours will ensure a timely arrival. Baboos were sad that she had to leave early. My dad is at home, obsessively monitoring the highway department's road conditions website. They've had over 9 inches of rain at their house. We're up to 2 inches, with much more expected.

esperanza said...

Oh, and W: I told the Baboos I was going to take a nap, and they were to wake me only in an emergency. Mini has already come in asking me to clip her toenails.

Sue said...

((((esperanza)))) I'm just checking in now and catching up. I'm so sorry you weren't able to go to the service, but very glad you are safe. I hope all goes well for you Mom. And of course, the toenail emergency. :)

Liz - WTFireplace!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! Cluestick posse on the way!!

kathy a. said...

Hope your mom gets home safely, Esperanza. What a horrible week. xoxo

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, Esperanza. So many hugs. What a week. I hope that your mom has a safe trip home, and the Baboos let you have a rest, undisturbed by further toenail emergencies.

Liz, we need to round up the posse to have a chat with the W@P0.

esperanza said...

My mom is home, using a route I could have likely followed yesterday. But...water under the bridge, so to speak. Trying to be at peace about it. I think I made a smart decision to turn around, and Mr. E agrees.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

It was wise for you to turn around when you did, and to give your mom the opportunity to find a safe route home as well. I'm praying for peace for all of you, in this whole situation.

I'm feeling a little misty tonight: I just learned of the passing of one of my favourite seniors (the grandpa of several of my friends, who acted like everyone's grandpa). It's heartwarming to see the multiple generations on the Book of Faces, all sharing how he affected their lives with his kindness.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, glad your mom got home safely! Yes, it was right for you to turn around -- conditions were awful and unpredictable, unsafe.

Oh, how sweet that Grandpa warmed so many hearts, QWP.

I put in a good 8 hours on an albatross task that needed doing yesterday, and it felt so great! Think I'm ready to get this part done now.

esperanza said...

That does sound like a sweet Grandpa figure, QWP.

TEN inches of rain at our house this weekend. Still sprinkling. It also feels like one of our three days of autumn out there.

W: Daddy's absence is getting old
AW: Sweet family from church adopted the Baboos this morning and early afternoon, claimed they were perfectly sweet, and even brought them back home once I got to town. Thankful for the village we have here.

kathy a. said...

Yay for the village, Esperanza! Is there a projected return for Daddy?

I just can't even imagine 10 inches of rain in a short time. Our yearly average is 24 inches. It has of course been a lot less during the drought. There is a lot of hype about El Nino, but so far, it looks like some rain on Wednesday, and only on that day.

esperanza said...

Our yearly avg is 30 inches, so not too far off. 10 inches this weekend and some other huge number I've forgotten on Memorial Day weekend have pretty much been it. A little more dispersed would be nice.

Daddy's return is up in the air. Oldest brother has a flight out tomorrow. Daddy was thinking of returning home tomorrow too, but I pointed out that it might not be good to leave bereaved father all at once. So he may delay till Tuesday. I'm expecting a complete emotional collapse from him once he returns home.

kathy a. said...

Yep, emotional collapse. But as you yourself have pointed out, the Baboos have some healing qualities, also. Hope his work allows him to ease back gently these next days.

liz said...


I just talked my dentist into removing my opponent's sign from his yard.

kathy a. said...