Saturday, September 20, 2014

Putting on Our Posse Pants Awards Show

...because anyone over the age of 11 who puts on his or her tattle pants deserves a visit from the Cluestick Posse. So sorry, KLee.

Albatross Award to kathy a, because well, albatrosses, progress on said albatrosses, and progress still to go.

An About Damn Time Award goes to Sue and her congregation for *finally* deciding to make a bathroom that everyone can get to when needed.

Sue also gets an Old Skool for frizzy hair. Tragic.

Kathy a with a late-breaking Old Skool for the broken toilet piece, minor version.

Sue's hubby wins new! glasses! 

Streaking Award to QWP and Lil E. It comes with Bonus! Alone! Time! (I sooooo hear you, and I get alone time 4 times a week during the school year). Mr. Q is a keeper for providing said bonus.

Hugs to anyone caring for kathy a's SiL. And she can have a hug too, if it wouldn't be disturbing. KLee also gets hugs (gentle squeezes, not like that obnoxious blood pressure machine) for her doctor's office saga. Hugs for Liz and Muffin Man on the unbloggable medical issue. Hope it turned out to be nothing serious.

Apologies for anyone I missed.

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kathy a. said...

Thank you! Lovely ceremony, Esperanza!